When you can’t get what you want or what you need

Oh noes, NC State, you di’int.

You did.

Photo via Connie Carrigan

In retrospect, this touring marriage of the Stones and college football campuses leaves something to be desired. Next time, choose a better class of venues, Mick.

In an effort to wash the bad taste out of my mouth, let me share a couple of extraordinary numbers that just popped up in a very recent release of a 1971 concert at London’s Marquee Club.  First, dig “Midnight Rambler”.

As good as that is, it’s surpassed by this version of “Dead Flowers”.  Make sure you check out Mick Taylor.

It’s not easy to pull off effortless and incredible simultaneously, but there you go.

Now, go and sin no more, Stones.


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16 responses to “When you can’t get what you want or what you need

  1. Reservoir Dawg

    Well, FWIW, Mick liked to mix his metaphors, too…

    Cheesehead pants, John Sciarra’s Filthydelphia jersey, ballet slippers. It’s a look.


  2. xdog

    Thanks for Dead Flowers. Mick Taylor was really something.


  3. Chadwick

    The greatest incarnation of the greatest band…ever.


    • I got yo Greatest band ever right here.


      • Eh, to each his own. 😉


      • Dog in Fla

        Helen of Waterworld wants you to get off her cloud. She’s so cold and shattered to think that you don’t think the Stones are the best R&R band especially if you just saw the little red rooster the last time up close, personal and banty at Mark Richt Field inside Bobby Dodd Coliseum


        • Lol. Trying to enjoy the Stones at MRF and the kids kept lighting up. Then the usher would come and shine that damn flashlight and ask them to stop. I swear it happened a half a dozen times. Finally! one of the more sophisticated and veteran rock n rollers suggested that he quit bogarting it, hit it and pass it or he would be passing it with his next BM if that damn flashlight shows up again. Nerds!


  4. Mike Cooley

    Are you by any chance a fan of The Faces as well Senator?