You never want to hear the words “could be ready to go by the start of August practice”.

Justin Scott-Wesley goes under the knife.  This is not a welcomed development, to say the least.


UPDATE:  Okay, man.


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14 responses to “You never want to hear the words “could be ready to go by the start of August practice”.

  1. Mayor

    The surgery was arthroscopic. If the surgeon did a good job Justin will be fine. Better now than to play the season on a bum leg.


  2. Cojones

    What was the source of the arthroscopic surgery? Was it removal of material or was it a re-patch of past work. Hadn’t heard that he had tweaked the knee after his last surgery, just continued reports of “He will be ready.” in lieu of full recovery notice. If pieces have been floating around, why the delay and if they weren’t floating around before, what was the triggering event for arthroscopy?


    • Red Cup

      Keep your pants on. Personal privacy and all.


      • Cojones

        Don’t understand your comment. Personal privacy concerning an arthroscopic procedure that we didn’t hear anything about beforehand? Someone had info about it since the procedure was diagnosed and carried out. It wasn’t an emergency, so, what’s with the surprise announcement? How many other nagging injuries are there that we don’t know about that concerns other players.?


  3. Yes, We would like to know, please. More than likely he did not heal correctly and inflicted more damage. Dude, feel for you when you hit your 40ties.


  4. Debby Balcer

    Anyone else enjoying the SEC network being all Georgia today.


  5. Puffdawg

    Will the Darius Slayton flip go down as the worst Signing Day Decision of Our Era (trademark Puffdawg) or what? Good gracious that kid might have started from day one. But of course Auburn is the cool kid on campus (trademark Jay Jacobs) despite the fact that Mark Richt spanks their ass much more often than he loses to them. Shaking my head right now.


    • Macallanlover

      Would have liked to see him since the coaches wanted him but why would you judge that as “the worst” before any of the freshmen step on campus? May turnout to be the best thing that happened to us, and one of the guys who didn’t “get anointed” may step past him. I am not arguing for or against him but I have seen enough whiffs in recruiting/judging HS players that I don’t get emotionally involved in them. The last day flips which leaves teams and other players hanging are the only ones that get much of a reaction from me. Last year’s class was top drawer from what I see, I have no regrets at this point. And next year’s looks even more promising, but it is a long time to February, and even longer until. they ever play a down. The regret may very well be on Slayton’s side of the coin, UGA always looks like a better decision than AU and especially these days.