Hell hath no fury like a stepdad scorned.

I don’t think it’s going too far out on a limb to suggest it’s never a good thing when the media hears about an NCAA investigation before a school claims to know anything about it.

NCAA officials were here Friday and interviewed the stepfather of Ole Miss tackle Laremy Tunsil about allegations of multiple rules violations by the University of Mississippi football program.

The trip made by NCAA officials comes one week after Tunsil was arrested and charged with domestic assault against his stepfather, Lindsey Miller. According to an arrest report by the Lafayette County Sheriff’s Office obtained by The Clarion-Ledger this week, Miller claimed the fight was a result of his warning to Tunsil about having contact with player agents.

Miller confirmed to The Clarion-Ledger Friday that he met with NCAA director of enforcement for football Chris Howard for what he estimated was three hours.

An Ole Miss spokesperson told The Clarion-Ledger that the school has not had contact with the NCAA and was unaware of any representatives being in the area.

And while we’re out there, this probably isn’t good news, either.

But on Thursday, Miller alleged to The Clarion-Ledger that in addition to the contact made by agents he is aware of violations that occurred during Tunsil’s recruitment as well, including claims of falsified academic records and gifts made by the university.

No wonder Hugh Freeze was so quick to make this a story about domestic abuse.

By the way, NCAA, while you’re in the neighborhood, maybe you could ask Mark Richt about this conversation.


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26 responses to “Hell hath no fury like a stepdad scorned.

  1. I’m friends with the guidance counselor from his high school. This is not surprising. Going to get bad.


  2. Mayor

    Let the lying and obfuscation begin!!


  3. I’m sure the Ole Miss AD is going to turn everything over to the NCAA, make Tunsil confess to everything, and immediately suspend him.

    Never mind, they’ll just deny everything and he’ll be on the field game 1.


    • Chi-town Dawg

      LMAO, was thinking the same thing. Deny, stall, deny, delay, negotiate a pathetic “punishment” with the NCAA ala North Carolina. Should at least make for some interesting SEC media day conversation;-)


    • Mayor

      Ole Miss has learned by watching Auburn. Georgia is the SEC team stupid enough to play ball with the NCAA like we do–and get hammered every time.


  4. Beekerdawg

    While the NCAA is around why don’t they check out the other pledges from that same recruiting class…
    The WWL will not allow someone from the greatest division in college football to be slandered like this. Expect a OTL piece on over-stepping parents meddling in student athletes lives…


  5. Dolly Llama

    I don’t care how big or good the kid is, I’m glad he went elsewhere. We’ve had our share of shit. Let some other program hold that bag for a while.


  6. Chi-town Dawg

    Gotta love how every press release from Hugh Freeze tries to slant the facts in favor of Tunsil. His first one about “the right to defend his mother” and this one “We are aware that Laremy and his family have met with potential agents, which is within his NCAA rights as a student-athlete”. Being an advocate for your players is one thing, but this guy is trying a little too hard in my opinion.


  7. Irwin R. Fletcher

    The story also points out that transportation is an impermissible benefit. So the car ride getaway from the scene should be enough for a game suspension….probably tip of iceberg.


  8. Cosmic Dawg

    Another unintended consequence of forcing great young athletes to pretend to be students for two years when they just want to get paid to play football. I hope theae and other stories force some changes so they can follow their own lights and cfb is at least somewhat representative of the student bodies they pretend to represent. The plantation analogy, which I have always hated, is making more and more sense.


  9. Scorpio Jones, III

    Ole Miss? Cheating? And still losing? Shame, shame, shame.


  10. ClydeBoogie

    My beloved, Auntie had a line she would always say to us, when anything really bad was going on around town. It went like this Auntie what’s going on with so and so? Her reply “Child it take a pack of hounds to smell and jesus to tell” don’t know about jesus but the hounds are smelling something down there. Probably the entire western division.


  11. Sanford222view

    Pass the popcorn, please!


  12. Spike

    Has the Bagman been subpoenaed ?


  13. MillDawg

    When will UGA turn itself in for recruiting Tunsil? Should we go ahead and forfeit postseason play while we are at it?


  14. Uglydawg

    I hope it stays the Georgia way. Being honest is it’s own reward..You guys run down Old Miss and Auburn for being cheaters and then complain that Georgia is up front about conduct. You want to run them down, yet wish Georgia was like them. Sheesh!
    Is this the bottom line…It’s wrong to cheat but smart to hide it if you do?
    That’s inconsistent morality.
    One of the biggest reasons that UGA’s recruiting is taking off…and coaches like JP come to UGA, is the honesty and integrity of the program. Yes, mistakes are made at UGA, but they are admitted and addressed..not hidden and lied about.


    • Ugly, I agree in principle with what you are saying. The problem is that we play straight up with the NCAA and then accept the punishment meted out meekly and say it could have been worse if we hadn’t cooperated. It takes the WWL’s OTL to get the NCAA to relent finally in the Kolton Houston situation. We had a chance to make a stand for the student-athlete in both the AJ and Gurley memorabilia situations and meekly took the punishment without calling out the idiocy of the NCAA rules on name & likeness.

      Then, you have TAMU that shields Johnny Football and suspends him for a half and then challenges the NCAA to do something about it. Auburn blatantly breaks the rules in $Cam’s recruiting and then suspends him for a practice the week of the Georgia game when the recordings come out, but, magically, the NCAA backs down when threatened with litigation. Ole Miss recruits are seen on social media holding bags of cash or having girlfriends receive academic scholarships, and no one at the SEC office or the NCAA lifts a finger.

      Where we agree is that the ends don’t justify the means. I want us to win and win the right way. Where we disagree is about how our AA handled the situations to stand up for student-athlete rights rather than toeing the NCAA line.


  15. Uglydawg

    You are correct, sir. Georgia has a right to expect equal treatment and certainly hasn ‘t recieved it. I don’t know what the answer is…except for the NCAA to actually buckle down and be consistent…which I doubt will happen anytime soon.
    Maybe the NCAA has outlived it’s usefulness and needs to be replaced with something that is unbaised and consistent..I don’t know what that would be,
    I just don’t want to adopt an, “if you can’t beat them, join them” attitude when I think Georgia is about to have a lot of these teams on the ropes doing it the good way…but I do appreciate your points above, eethomaswfnc.