OMG, not another one!

Reader poll at RockMNation reveals Georgia to be top rival for Mizzou fans.

But still, they can’t help being nice describing us.

Great fans. Loved beating them in Athens.

I like UGA. Their fans have seemed the best and their coach and program have a certain demeanor and class. Hopefully we can knock them off this year and even the score – and if this continues, they could become a great rivalry.

If you want to be the best you have to beat the best

Maybe I’ll hate them someday, but so far away from that now, even if we compete hard. -Mac6

Bless their hearts, don’t they know that’s bad form in the SEC?

Hate us ’cause we’re pretty, y’all.



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20 responses to “OMG, not another one!

  1. Bright Idea

    Missouri folks were knocking themselves out to be nice out there in 12 and 14. Wonder how long that will last?


  2. AusDawg85

    Well, looks like we’ll get their best shot.


  3. FisheriesDawg

    I’m starting to hate them for the same reason I hate South Carolina. There’s no reason you should need to worry about them any more than Kentucky, yet there they are, every year, screwing things up for you. Last year drove it home. That team just wasn’t very good yet kept squeaking out games in which they played poorly against so-so teams. I fully expect them to go 3-5 this year in the league yet somehow still figure out how to win the East.


  4. Ubiquitous GA Alum

    Mizzou fans are classy, knowledgeable and polite in a Mid Westerner sort of way … If you want to get them riled up though, ask them about how they feel about KS … they hate the Jayhawks as much as we hate FL

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  5. Just Chuck (the other one)

    It’s just the general Mid-Western attitude. Been to Kansas City several summers in a row and discovered they are some of the nicest, most open people anywhere. It’s not only about football although they are very proud of their SEC membership. Didn’t see many Missouri sweats and t’s in the summer until after they joined the conference. Now they’re everywhere.


  6. W Cobb Dawg

    Here’s hoping we whip their a$$es every year, so their feelings can develop into a seething hate.

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  7. Mike Cooley

    I can’t believe Missouri being in the SEC is something that will last a long time. They just don’t belong. Some friends of mine in Tifton went out there in ’12 and said they are the nicest opposing fans you will ever meet but clearly do not get it. They said by Friday night the UGA fans had drank the bars almost dry and the Missouri people were in complete disbelief. They get on my nerves too. The comparison to SC was very apt. No reason for them to be such a gadfly yet they fall ass backwards Into success over and over.


  8. illini84

    I went on a deep sea fishing trip at Topsail Beach in May and there was a group of about 20 Mizzou students on the boat. They had all been here for their win and they could not say enough about how well they were treated an how much they liked it here.


  9. not another one is the real issue here…..exactly how many teams get pumped to the max to play us? Until recently we didn’t consider USc(we are their #2 enemy) a rival but trust me they always hated us. .We know where we stand with Tech(#one enemy) and Awbarn(#2 enemy) and UT always gets ready for us b/c they are suppose to beat Vandy and can’t beat UofF so they think we are their best shot at big prey, None of this even mentions Florida because I don’t know where we stand with them….would they rather beat us than FSU or Miami? I really do not know.. The point the Senator was trying to make is we do not need another rivalry game we already have more than our share. My plan is to go all Tennessee on Mizzou’s fans asses when we beat them in Athens this year. It is time to start telling them they need to fire Pinkal because he can’t win the big one. I remember jokingly saying that to a couple UT fans one year after we beat them in Athens and those community service orange wearing morons agreed with me . I was shocked and figured that was just the pain of the lose minutes earlier but he was gone shortly thereafter. Maybe if we plant the seed with a win over Mizzou in Athens they will fire Pinkal and do for their program what firing Fulmer did for Tennessee