I knew there was something I liked about Nick Chubb.

As Seth Emerson points out, it’s not just that Chubb rung up big rushing numbers last season.  It’s that he did it against some very good defenses.

Chubb had 226 rushing yards against Louisville, which still finished as the nation’s 10th-best rushing defense. He gained 202 yards against Arkansas, which was 12th-best, 156 against Florida (13th in the nation), 143 against Missouri (26th in the nation). And going all the way back to the opener, when Chubb was sharing carries, he had 70 yards on just four carries against Clemson, which was fifth best in the country.

Hey, and some of that Clemson yardage came on one shoe!

Despite that, Seth sees Chubb as the Dawgs’ second-most important player, behind (I presume) whoever wins the starting quarterback job.  His reasoning:

Remember, when Georgia’s quarterback situation is brought up, the default position is: “Well they don’t need a special quarterback, just somebody who can hand off to Nick Chubb.”

Well, what if that’s not the best option either?

Then Georgia’s probably screwed, frankly.


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  1. Granthams replacement

    The key to the offense is a passing threat, the deeper passes especially. They don’t need to be balanced just able to execute enough to keep DCs from totally keying on the tailback.


  2. I think Chubb could be better if he doesn’t have to carry the load. If Michel and Marshall stay healthy, Chubb could be more effective by having fewer carries. Think about the way we dominated the last part of the 3rd quarter and the 4th against Clemson. We kept running waves of fresh legs at the Clemson defense, Gurley was fresh, and the Tiger defense broke wide open. Nobody wanted to tackle either Gurley or Chubb in the 4th. In other words, I won’t consider it a failure if Herschel’s single season rushing record stays intact.

    Also, the idea of putting Michel (or Marshall) in the slot has to be tantalizing to CBS rather than depending heavily on freshmen at wide receiver. McKenzie is an electric player with the ball in his hands, but one of the tailbacks with that screen is a game-breaking type of play.


    • Rival

      Or Wheeeeeeel Roooooooute


    • Bad M

      We used to be great with the slant. I don’t think we use it as much lately. Using the inside slant could get the linebackers leaning back on their heels and McK is good enough to break a few open. All Chubb needs is a a second to get going and he’s getting 8 yards minimum.


  3. yes fresh legs..yes, yes…AND
    You Munsoned us: “Then Georgia’s probably screwed, frankly.”


  4. Except he shorted Chubb 40 yards on the Louisville game…it was 266….which makes it even more impressive.


    • Uglydawg

      Which shows that Louisville’s defensive stats were inflated by their schedule…but also clearly demonstrates that Chubb is amazing when he’s rested..as he was for the bowl game.
      Get big leads and get him out of the game early..Georgia surely has the backs to do that…and keep those legs fresh for the big games.


  5. Ed Kilgore

    A query about the QB situation: if Richt had appointed a starter at the end of spring–any starter–would there be nearly as much angst as there is today? Is it really likely that Ramsey or Bauta is going to represent a big falloff from Mason? I don’t see it, and thus think the uncertainty factor is what’s making people a bit crazy.


    • That, plus the change at offensive coordinator.

      But I think you make a valid point. As I said at the time, the most striking thing about the offense at G-Day was how unchanged it seemed.


  6. W Cobb Dawg

    Little to nothing is said about the ‘decoy’ value of a player like Chubb. Let’s face it, when Chubb runs to one side of the field, the other side of the field will be a ghost town. And we really need to make teams pay a price for loading the box. How about all the times Shaw killed us on option runs using Lattimore or Davis as decoys? Our eventual QB and Schotty have a huge advantage coming into the season.


    • Mayor

      That is true if the coaching staff recognizes that and uses it to the Dawgs’ advantage. Sorry, but history teaches us that relying on the Georgia staff to recognize an advantage and capitalize on it is a big “if.” Sometimes. Sometimes not.


  7. Chuck

    My thing is, I think Chubb himself will make teams think twice about loading the box. One crease, one crack, one arm tackle and he’s gone. You’ll have to play back some just based on his talent.


  8. Gotta have some good play out of Ramsey and the WRs and gotta get good carries out of Michel and Marshall. That’s if we want to go far. And Schottenheimer has to have a feel for his guys and be willing to take risks and be aggressive at times. Chubb can’t do it alone every single game. The days of Herschel Walkering every game are long gone.


  9. TMC dawg

    Wrong about Hershel walker days are gone. Chubb is just a step below Hershel. The more you feed him the stronger he gets. My opinion is we have a diamond in the rough in Blazivech. Decoy to Chubb on way and look for the tight end DEEP down the opposite side of the field. Also if Michel can stay healthy, and gain confidence he will show why he was a 5star recruit.


  10. John Denver is full of shit...

    Ramsey =Belue, Malcom = Lindsey, Herschel =Nicolas….we’re gonna be alright.