Movers and shakers, moving and shaking

So what does it say about the state of college athletics that a list of the 25 most influential people in college sports has more judges and lawyers than coaches in the top ten?  Or that Jimmy Sexton sits square in the middle of the list?

And how ’bout this ringing endorsement of number five?

“There is no doubt Mark Emmert belongs on this list. But contemplate this: Has anyone ever held office for less than five years, had more curious lapses of judgement, exhibitions of ego and lost the confidence of nearly everyone who works for and with him — and kept their job?! For sure, his low profile reflects the lashes imposed on many fronts for the first two-plus years of gaffes and neglect during his tenure. He’s likely still in the role because those he reports to realize no one would yet want this job given the unrecognizable state of affairs Emmert took the organization toward when he got his hands on the wheel. Credit him with surviving multiple 10 counts and remaining in for the latter rounds.”

Staggered but still standing as a recipe for leadership.  That explains so much.


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7 responses to “Movers and shakers, moving and shaking

  1. Dog in Fla

    Because Mark not getting a TKO never gets old


  2. DugLite

    Start drinking early and heavily.


  3. Scorpio Jones, III

    Surely Jon Solomon’s tongue is stuck in his cheek. A list with Dickhead and Mark Emmert on it? Really? Emmert is obviously influential in college sports because the NCAA fucked up every time it raised its hand under his leadership.

    Dickhead, of course, in the mind of Dickhead, especially, is in a whole nother league…wins games and championships, spawns murderers, has heart problems etc., etc….

    And these are the people who want us to believe winning is not everything?

    I gotta go, my pizza is getting cold…I hate cold pizza.


  4. Dolly Llama

    Dink NeSmith didn’t make it?


  5. Stacey Osburn

    No Comment.


  6. Jimmy Sexton is the only one up front about what he does for a living. Jeeez


  7. illini84

    RIP Snake.