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Enjoy your retirement, Russ.

So there’s your big news from today’s Countdown to Kickoff – Uga X is on the horizon.



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Musical palate cleanser, it seems like yesterday edition

Fifty freakin’ years ago, this was the number one single in America:

BREAKING:  I am getting old.


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Six of one, half a dozen of the other

Anthony Dasher does a Q&A with Phil Steele, who is more benign about the Georgia quarterback situation than most of us are.

UGASports.com: Just right off the bat, does the addition of Greyson Lambert in any way affect the way you feel about Georgia’s offense?

Steele: “No, when I looked at Georgia I saw Brice Ramsey and Faton Bauta and thought both where capable of enough quarterbacks to handle the job. Lambert did a decent job at Virginia, brings some experience. He is a big guy with a strong arm but I’m comfortable whether it’s Ramsey, Bauta or Lambert. They are all pretty much the same and whoever wins the job I think will be pretty close as productive as (Hutson) Mason was last year.”

UGASports.com: When you have quarterback uncertainty like at Georgia, how difficult does that make your job when you’re breaking down a team and ultimately predicting how their season is going to go?

Steele: “In this case, the quarterbacks are all pretty similar in my mind. I know that Bauta is a little more mobile but all are highly-touted guys, very highly touted guys out of high school, they all have good size, they all have the arm strength, they have decent mobility so that didn’t make it that tough at all. I think sometimes if you had a quarterback where No. 1, was a true pocket passer and another one who was a pure option-running quarterback competing for the job it would be a little more difficult but this one wasn’t too difficult. I like the supporting cast the new quarterback will have.”

Alrighty then.  I guess I can get back to fretting about whether this year’s defense can stop the run.


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Jimbo Fisher’s full plate

Dan Wolken writes about one of the story lines at the ACC Media Days coming up:

Florida State: This looked like a year for the Seminoles to take a step back from the national scene before regrouping in 2016. But when quarterback Everett Golson transferred from Notre Dame and took his talents to Tallahassee, it put Florida State back into the conversation — at least in theory. Golson’s name is probably bigger than his impact — remember, he left Notre Dame because he hadn’t beaten out Malik Zaire for the starting job following spring practice — but it still makes the Seminoles a compelling watch.

Plus, it’s Florida State, where there rarely seems to be a shortage of off-field drama these days. De’Andre Johnson, a high-profile freshman quarterback, was dismissed from the team last week after video was released of him striking a woman at a bar. Last month, coach Jimbo Fisher released a statement acknowledging that he and his wife Candi had recently separated and were in the process of a divorce. That’s a difficult moment for anyone, much less someone whose life is so public.

Add the late news about Dalvin Cook’s arrest and I wouldn’t be surprised if Fisher is seen walking around Pinehurst wearing a “Ask Me About Everett Golson” t-shirt.

It’s gonna be a Clay Travis field day.


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Bringing meaning and purpose to an otherwise uneventul Saturday morning…

Not doing anything right now?  I’ve got your morning waster right here.


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