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“As a starting five, it’s always good to see them compete against each other.”

If Richt and Schottenheimer know who this year’s starting quarterback is, they aren’t telling.


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Jimbo Fisher strenuously objects.

Gosh, if only Mark Richt had known that all it took to get folks off his back for player misconduct was to issue a statement that “…was personal. It was essentially an apology for things outside of his control.”

Bonus question:  do you think the media would give Richt more of a pass for behavior problems on his watch if he’d won a national title?


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“There’s a real issue of unequal bargaining power.”

“In life, there are principles and people need to be held accountable to responsibility,” Memphis coach Josh Pastner told Sporting News. “You have to be a man of your word.”

The rebuttal to Josh Pastner pretty much writes itself, doesn’t it?


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Best SEC Media Days trivia ever

Fun times.

When South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier takes the podium Tuesday, he will be extending his record of SEC Media Days appearances to 23.

Georgia’s Mark Richt will be making his 15th visit when he appears Thursday, which will tie former Tennessee coach Phillip Fulmer for the second-most visits. Fulmer would have made 16 trips but sat out in 2004 after learning that lawyers who were suing the NCAA planned to subpoena him.  [Emphasis added.]

I would so love to hear Spurrier congratulate Richt on tying Fulmer’s mark.

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