It wouldn’t be SEC Media Days without memes, part two.

Steve Spurrier’s getting old, y’all.

3. The 70-something

When South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier takes the podium Tuesday, he will be extending his record of SEC Media Days appearances to 23.

Georgia’s Mark Richt will be making his 15th visit when he appears Thursday, which will tie former Tennessee coach Phillip Fulmer for the second-most visits. Fulmer would have made 16 trips but sat out in 2004 after learning that lawyers who were suing the NCAA planned to subpoena him.

Spurrier, who turned 70 in April, coached Florida to six SEC titles from 1990 to 2001 and soon will be embarking on his 11th season at South Carolina. He has guided the Gamecocks to an 84-45 record, including three consecutive 11-2 seasons from 2011 to ’13.

Yeah, but that was then, in the somewhat misty past.  What about lately?

Is this Spurrier’s last hurrah?

Few can entertain the way South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier does at media days. The ‘Ol Ball Coach is always quick with a quip and never hesitates to needle his rivals. But after a somewhat disappointing 7-6 2014 season, there are questions to how much longer Spurrier will coach in Columbia.

Maybe he can change the subject to the Confederate flag.



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13 responses to “It wouldn’t be SEC Media Days without memes, part two.

  1. Mayor

    Was Steve Spurrier in the Civil War? Which side?


  2. 3rdandGrantham

    Good for him. Mentally he’s sharp as a tack and he seems to be holding up well physically too. Most 70+ year olds I know are long retired, and spend their days doing boring crossword puzzles or just trying to open a jar.


    • JCDAWG83

      I agree he’s sharp as a tack, but I think not winning an SEC championship when he had Clowney and Lattimore and Shaw really took the wind out of him emotionally. Think how frustrating it had to be to go 11-2 for three years in a row and not win a championship of any kind. He’s in great shape for his age, but I wonder if he really has the energy and enthusiasm to keep it up much longer. I’m sure he could keep coaching for another 5-10 years if he really wanted to, I wonder how much he wants to?


  3. Uglydawg

    Dear Coach Spurrier,
    Do you remember the scene? JoePa streaking across the field in front of a zillion people to keep from s-h-p in front of them? He waited too long, in at least a couple of senses.
    Don’t be JoePa…We want to see you go out with dignity…well, with a semblence of dignity.


  4. Cosmic Dawg

    And we think Richt gets a bad deal sometimes.


  5. Athens Dog

    I always said that even though I loathed the Ole Ball Coach, I would have loved him if he was ours. Always good for a quote. But I can’t see how he can continue to recruit under what we think is the barrage of negative pitches from other schools about his age. It has to catch up. Maybe it has. But i don’t ever underestimate him.


    • JCDAWG83

      It has caught up. This past recruiting class looked like rats leaving a sinking ship when Spurrier made the comment that he would coach for 2 more years. He backtracked and said “4 or 5 more” but it was too late. I think he hangs it up after this season. He knows the latest recruiting class wasn’t very good and he doesn’t have another Lattimore on the immediate horizon. The chicken’s talent level is going to continue to drop off and he knows it. He already doesn’t like recruiting, never has.

      He’s a great in game offensive coach, I have to give him that and he’s entertaining.


  6. Argondawg

    It all depends on how the chickens do this year. If he hovers around .500 He is probably going to go. There is way to much uncertainty on what happens if he leaves. Who are they gonna get? it will be interesting to see that unfold.


  7. Wrong! His knees and hips are very bad. He needs to get in the Booth and call the plays. He should demote himself to OC. That’s what he does best. Or he could get a wheel chair. That throwing the Visor won’t have as much effect from a wheel chair. 💊


  8. Uglydawg

    Despite my smarty-alec remark above, I admire him in the same strange way that some of you have described. I’ll actually miss him when he’s gone, but will probably hate him when he snarks UGA as a TV personality.
    But for CMR and the Dawgs..don’t you dare underestimate SOS or you’ll pay with a “L”.
    Someone posted somewhere on GTP today that Junior would be a perfect match for SC….now that’s something to ponder.


    • I will tell you who orchestrated this…It was Coach Lou Holtz and Bear Bryant! Guess what? SOS will go to Tennessee as OC. It is a rite of passage. These Guys have been in Bed together since their Daddy’s were still alive. I DO NOT CARE WHAT HAPPENS TO junior. Maybe he will just run off the course With his tail between his legs like Bill Murray in Caddy Shack. ⛳️🔦