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Checking out for a little R&R

If you’re astute enough to notice I’m posting at this ungodly hour, well, that’s because I’m leaving to catch a flight out west at a just slightly less ungodly hour.  I’m squeezing in a mini-vacay with some high school buddies to celebrate one’s sixtieth birthday. I’ll be back in Atlanta Sunday evening.

I will have Internet access, so I will be able to keep an eye on things here.  Blogging may be a little limited, so behave while I’m gone, you scamps.



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Think of trolling as a muscle.

Mark Bradley has to exercise.


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“Miracles on the Plains”

I’m not surprised they’ve made a film about Gus’ 2013 rabbit’s foot to show on the SEC Network.  I’m not even surprised Richt and Saban agreed to appear in it.

It’s just a shame that Tray Matthews isn’t.  I mean, who’s got a better point of view?


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