Mark Richt has time for that shit.

I’m sure most of you have seen this by now:

Tell me, is that the look of a man who’s sweating being on a hot seat?  Just wonderin’.


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14 responses to “Mark Richt has time for that shit.

  1. Borodawg

    Ha! Good stuff right there.


  2. The only thing better would have been to do the Johnny Football money sign behind him or to hold up a sign with the Ole Mi$$ compliance Twitter account.


  3. Let’s just hope he doesn’t get the urge to call into Finebaum under a fake name or its lights out!!


  4. W Cobb Dawg

    I think it was touching for CMR to give freeze one last wave goodbye before ole miss is forced to give him the boot.


    • Macallanlover

      Why would they give him the book? It doesn’t seem to be bothering the boys who hold the prime real estate in The Grove at all, it is the first time Ole Miss has been in the sports headlines since Archie played, or the Black Bear nickname was being debated.

      It is almost defensible for them to cheat on recruiting given the antics the other teams in the West (and TN) resort to with regards to recruiting.


  5. Joe Schmoe

    I used to be on the fence about Richt, but the last few seasons I have grown to absolutely love the guy. Love seeing evil Richt come out.


  6. So, who let that Big Dawg out? Tell me, who let that Dawg out? LOL


  7. Cousin Eddie

    Two completely different media attitudes, Richt cutting up and enjoying his situation and Freeze nervous with a stick up his backside.