Scheduling as a factor in this year’s SEC East

It’s not as straightforward as you might think in 2015.  Yes, Missouri goes in with a leg up on the competition, as the Tigers’ conference opponents this season have the worst combined league record from 2014 of all the other SEC teams’ opponents.

And here’s an eye-popping stat for you:

Missouri’s gone 10-0 on the road over the past two years. Georgia’s gone 5-4. 

That’s one way to overcome a 34-point shellacking in Columbia last year.

However, check out the home/road splits for this season (based on the 2014 conference records of schools’ 2015 opponents) David Morrison’s compiled in his article.  Particularly the latter:


1. LSU: 21-11 (38-15)

2. Ole Miss: 21-11 (37-15)

3. Tennessee: 20-12 (35-17)

4. Alabama: 19-13 (36-16)

5. Arkansas: 19-13 (36-17)

5. South Carolina: 19-13 (36-17)

7. Mississippi State: 16-16 (34-19)

8. Florida: 16-16 (31-21)

9. Kentucky: 15-17 (30-21)

9. Vanderbilt: 15-17 (30-21)

11. Texas A&M: 9-15 (20-18)

12. Auburn: 11-21 (28-23)

13. Missouri: 10-22 (25-25)

14. Georgia: 7-17 (18-20)

That should definitely be an equalizer.  If it’s not, that doesn’t say much for Georgia’s improvement (or chances) in 2015.


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12 responses to “Scheduling as a factor in this year’s SEC East

  1. Yawn 🎈You Boys bore me with these Statistics. History, if it bears repeating….. Down to the Off Season Blues. On any Given Saturday ….Anything CAN Happen!🏈


    • Then don’t waste your time reading the posts.


    • JonDawg

      You have to be the single most annoying poster on GTP, which says quite a bit, because im including the 2-3 trolls with multiple handles. Why is it that you are here, again?


      • The Dawg abides

        I agree. Every few months or so things come to a head with this nutcase and she takes her toys and goes home. Then, like clockwork, a couple of weeks later she slips back in with a few measured posts here and there. But after a few weeks it’s back to full on crazy and she gets called out again. Rinse, wash, repeat.


  2. Argondawg

    I find it very odd that in 4 years Missouri has not had to go to Alabama, Auburn or LSU yet. If we can find a competent QB this should be the year that we win the east. I think our talent across the board is better than anyone else in the east and as good as we have had in several years. We are thin in a few areas and but that is the case with pretty much everyone in the east.


  3. W Cobb Dawg

    I know they are still new to the sec, but never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d see the day that we’d be looking up at mizzou as a more successful team in the sec east. I guess fans from FU and UT would say the same thing.


    • Beekerdawg

      Mizzou’s little run doesn’t help with the SEC chant -“we are the best conference in the history of football.”
      It is like if Ole Miss or Kentucky moved to the Big 12 and became a “player” in their old North division (or whatever it was called).
      I hope we whip them again this year.



    I guess I’m just dumb, not understanding what the numbers mean.


  5. Mayor

    Everybody who reads this blog regularly needs to read the linked article and study the numbers. This is absolute proof that Georgia needs to do whatever it takes to maximize the number of home games the Dawgs play every year. Some on this blog have in years past floated the hypothesis that is didn’t matter where the Dawgs played–they should win every game. Period. That flies in the face of the stats. The Dawgs are waaay more difficult to beat “Tween the Hedges.” Playing the game in Jacksonville screws up Georgia’s schedule and limits the home games the UGA team gets. Many years Auburn has 8 home games–almost always at least 7. Bama, too. FU not only gets a lot of home games, the Gayturds play the WLOCP in JAX (effectively another home game) and FSU, and in some years, Miami, within the boundaries of the State of Florida. The WLOCP effects not only that game but all the season’s games every other year (only 3 SEC home games; only 6 total home games). We need to quit being bought. Is Georgia about money only? Or is Georgia about winning? Wait!!–Don’t answer that. 🙂