SEC, you just lost Montana.

Stewart Mandel: “So you’ll have to forgive us if we’re not exactly spilling tears over all the apparent slights that are keeping down the S-E-C, where the “E” apparently now stands for “Excuses.””


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  1. Aladawg

    A lot of what he says is spot on. He didn’t mention, however; that Saban (and I’m no fan) did say that Ohio St. was the best team AL played and they deserved to win against Bama. It is interesting that a near miss by AllBarn in the championship and a winning bowl overall record were not mentioned. It also failed to point out that Bammers played Ohio more closely than the ducks. There is also a failure to mention that we have gone to Ok. St., Az St. and Clemmons over the last several years and that we play another power 5 conference team(Albeit a lowly one) every year as do the Gayturds, Chickies, Kitty Cats and B(V)owels
    Just sayin’


  2. Macallanlover

    Questions regarding the difficulty of the SEC path versus ANY other has to be laughed out. Apples to apples, it is no contest so Stewie loses credibility on joining in this silly conversation. I change the channel on my College Sports show when a caller, or host, proves to be this shallow in their thinking. Someone please go back 100 years and show me an ohio or Michigan schedule that would beat anyone of the 14 SEC teams path to a title not named Big Something. Hell they hid for decades in the West Coast Bowl, NEVER had to play another conference after waltzing through the Big 2 and Little 8. Now they want to crow about beating an Alabama team by 7 that I wish we could have been matched against. Stay out of the Big Sky sun.



    I told you guys nobody likes a whiner.


  4. Mayor

    More drivel from Mandel. How does he keep his job?


  5. CannonDawg

    It was inevitable that as soon as the SEC lost its hold on the NC (especially to a Big 10 school) that the bile would spew forth with fury. The Mandels of the world have been lined up like the jets on their approaches to Hartsfield-Jackson, breathlessly awaiting an SEC loss. The best way to shut them up will be to win it again. And again. And how cool would it be if a different SEC school emerged as the ’15 champion–say one dressed in red and black?