Going Big

Interesting report in the Omaha World-Herald that claims back in 2010, when Texas was jerking the Big 12 around with its (then) Pac-10 flirtation, five teams from that conference (Oklahoma, Nebraska, Texas A&M, Kansas and Iowa State) approached the Big Ten as a group about coming on board.

The stumbling block?  I’m sure you can guess it had something to do with money.

The feedback from Big Ten school officials was positive, both sources said. The sticking point was devising a revenue-sharing plan to satisfy all. It would have taken at least three to four years for that many incoming schools to hit the financial payoffs sought for moving.

Considering the level of anti-Texas motivation on one side and Delany’s ego on the other, you have to figure it must have been a lot of jack.

Just another reason to wonder what the long-term health of the Big 12 is going to be.


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3 responses to “Going Big

  1. If major conference football goes in the direction of having four conferences the Big 12 is likely to disappear.


    • Gastr1

      That’s true, but as before, the question is where they’re going to go. The Big 10 is the only logical geographic possibilities for almost all of the schools, with West Virginia an outlier.

      Furthermore, the rumors are strong that Nebraska is not happy in the Big 10, and they’re even talking about coming back to the Big 12….but that would only happen if they get to power-share with Texas more than they ever did, because Texas’ attempt to be Notre Dame while still in a conference is what ran them off, as the item states.

      It’s a great conference for sports that is quite badly-run. But it might survive for all the wrong reasons (geography, lack of interest in the Big 10, no one wants Iowa State).


      • Mayor

        IMHO the Big 12 would actually be better off without Texas, a team that causes consternation and disagreement about money division among all the other conference members and with the Horns’ constant holier than thou attitude and sense of entitlement. Send Texas to the PAC 12 and welcome back Nebraska with open arms, Big 12. You’d be better off. Texas isn’t even a founding member–they only showed up after the SWC imploded.