“I can assure you Georgia isn’t any different than Clemson or Florida State or some other teams we play.”

That second win between the hedges has made the genius a little salty, it seems.

Maybe I should say a little more salty.



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18 responses to ““I can assure you Georgia isn’t any different than Clemson or Florida State or some other teams we play.”


    He seems like such a nice guy. GT fans deserve him.


  2. JT (the other one)

    Except we habitually beat his ugly @ss.


  3. Cousin Eddie

    The rest of the quote was,” We don’t expect to beat them either.”


  4. UGA85

    GT finished very well last year. Somehow, they shut down our offense for much of the second half of our game, they played FSU well, then they whipped MSU. Really, our last two games with them have been coin flips. CPJ is feeling confident, and I for one no longer relax and laugh when I think about playing Tech.


    • Gosh, I’d hate to hear how you feel if Richt wasn’t 12-2 against Tech.


      • UGA85

        Is he 5 and 2 against CPJ? It just feels like things are tightening up a bit, and the “big brother” psychological advantage we have had is not as pronounced. Call me a pessimist, but I think it will take hard work and motivation and an “SEC like” toughness to get them out.


      • Tommy

        When he’s got a bunch of upperclassman and/or a QB who can run his offense, he’s a tough out and a damned far cry from the joke they were under Gailey. I wouldn’t conflate our records against those two coaches.

        Now, is he ever going to get the talent necessary to average more than 2 out of every 7? No. But those 2 will be enough to keep him around to bite our ankles.


        • RocketDawg

          ^^^^ This exactly. The only time Tech is any good is when they have a QB who is accurate enough to make you at least think about the pass game. Plus upperclassmen along both lines doesn’t hurt either. We’ll beat them this year at their shit hole of a stadium and then run them out of the building the next couple of years until he stumbles upon another undersized QB that the other big schools want as a DB/RB/WR and then they will be decent again.


    • Uglydawg

      Georgia fumbled that game away or it would have been a blowout. The way the fumbles went down..one after a long run that put the defense right back out on the field for GT to control a long drive. Things have to bounce GT’s way for them to win..and they certainly did last year.


  5. Rusty

    Ain’t but one way to cure that kinda trash.


  6. AG

    “While Johnson wasn’t riling up Georgia fans today, he was busy throwing some horseshoes by himself on ESPN’s campus.”


  7. And yet he fails to realize that without the gift last year in Athens, even with the bowl win his arse would have been on the hot seat. Genius my butt.


  8. Athens Dog

    turd………..that’s why i despise tech. Win every ten years and they crawl out of the woodwork


  9. Saxondawg

    Replied Richt, “And I can assure you Tech isn’t any different from Kentucky or Vanderbilt or some other teams we play.”


  10. Spike

    I wish I could read the link to the article. it just goes to a CBS ad..


    • Gaskilldawg

      The “Ad for CBS” has a menu at the top. Click “Sports” Then go to the college football page.