A CFP Yar!

Mike Leach, I love ‘ya, but no…


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  1. Bob

    Mike Leach is a blithering idiot.


    • Mayor

      I agree that Mike Leach blithers sometimes (“fat girlfriends,” etc.). That said, I don’t think Leach is an idiot. He is out in left field about some things but, truthfully, he’s been on the cutting edge rather than behind the curve at least as far as offensive football strategy is concerned for quite a while. When the conferences finally capitulate and turn over all decision making to the TV executives we WILL have a playoff with a ridiculous number of participants, like basketball does. Basketball started with a playoff of, I seem to recall, 8 teams, then went to 16, then 32, then 64 and now we have a “play in” which gets it to 68 teams. If Leach is advocating 64 I disagree with him. If “should” means that CFB will have that number sometime in the future (a prediction) I think he may very well be right.


      • Gastr1

        Perhaps he thinks the regular season should be this 64-team playoff. If Vanderbilt gets eliminated in the second week and spent the rest of their fall playing FCS teams, would anyone really care?


      • AthensHomerDawg

        Hal has been on the same cutting edge.


      • Dog in Fla

        I liked him better and he was more creative when he was holed up in Key West between gigs


      • Giblet Gravy

        How would it be different anyway. 64 teams. 8 teams. 4 teams. Best fucking team wins, right? Let’s blog, Congressmen.


    • Sparrow

      Apropos of nothing other than the words “Mike Leach”, he was at Taqueria del Sol in Decatur 2 weeks ago with his kids and grandkid(?). Most of my friends aren’t college football junkies, so I haven’t had anyone to share this with. I have no idea why he was here. He looked miserable.


  2. Jack Klompus

    It’s the only way he and his Cougs make it in


  3. The Quincy Carter of Accountants

    I would watch this.


    • SMDH

      Love the handle. Kinda like regular accountants but with way more blow and sense of entitlement without accomplishment.


  4. OhioDawg

    This is how I feel about this:

    1.(reflexive, informal) to feel ashamed about something someone else has done; to be embarrassed because someone else has embarrassed himself (and doesn’t notice)  [quotations ▼]


  5. merk

    I say just have a 4 game preseason during Sept. Then in Oct start a 128 team playoff based off the previous season rankings. Have a loser bracket then every team will play at least 6 games. This would save money for teams that suck, as they save on costs for the season. Then no one could complain about missing the playoffs and every game would literally matter. The 4 game preseason would intise schools to schedule better match ups as they have no true meaning, but would bring in higher attendence for better match ups.


  6. AthensHomerDawg

    I think we all get spoiled here at GTP. I know I do. Every once in awhile I reach back into those Sausage Fest Eeyore Bolgs and wonder… just what they were thinkin’?
    December 2010
    Now I know what you are thinking “Which job will Leach get?” His choice is Miami but they are being unreasonable because they appear to lack vision in Coral Gables. Leach has applied for Minnesota but remember he is a Pirate who enjoys the warm Caribbean breezes, and perfectly bronze tanned senoritas, not a Viking. The cold may be the only force of nature capable of stopping the Dread Pirate and his “show up to the party sans pants” passing attack.
    Of course Patterson or Mullen could take the Miami job, Malzahn the Vanderbilt job, and Leach could be jobless again this year…………which would make him available in a post-Richt Georiga world after next season…..think about it.


  7. Hogbody Spradlin

    Give it time.


  8. ASEF

    Never understood the fascination for Leach. I think it shows just how boring other CFB coaches and just how loathsome Craig James can be.


  9. Awful.

    16 is too many, 4 is too few. 8 is just right.