“There needs to be a level playing field here, some way.”

As noted before, Georgia’s raised its COA figure to middle of the pack by SEC standards.  And Seth Emerson reports it’s a fluid situation.

McGarity said UGA, especially Morehead, will be keeping an eye on COA figures around the SEC and the nation, in the hopes it levels out. If not, they’ll revisit Georgia’s next year.

“Our president has been very involved in the whole issue of cost-of-attendance,” McGarity said. “He has been very vocal in his concern about an uneven playing field, about the consequences that has now become evident, even in our conference, about the vast differences.”

It’s not that they’re scared of what they’re paying players.  It’s that they’re scared of what everyone else is paying them.


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  1. Dog in Fla

    “If not, they’ll revisit Georgia’s next year.”

    And when that time for revisitation comes, here’s how it may go down:

    “We coalesced around a plan to raise the COA to keep up with our spendthrift competitors in the arena with the understanding that coach Richt would be heavily engaged in fundraising efforts.”


    • The Georgia Way

      “After completing our thorough investigation, the University of Georgia announces we will lower our Cost of Attendance to $1,700 per year. We are proud of our standing as a Top 10 Value in Public Education and consider it another Bulldog Point of Pride.”

      “We encourage others to follow our lead.”


      • Dog in Fla

        President Emeritus Michael F. likes this 🙂


        • The Georgia Way

          “Our internal investigation also uncovered the inadvertent inclusion of toothpaste in our stipend calculation for the 2014-2015 academic year, a violation of NCAA Bylaw for impermissible benefits.”

          “We are announcing the immediate suspension of all athletes receiving these stipends from further athletic activities and have submitted the results of our investigation to the NCAA Committee on Infractions.”

          “We will cooperate fully with the NCAA’s investigation and eagerly await its outcome.”


  2. Joe Schmoe

    It’s laughable how the same big 5 schools (namely the big 10) were saying that they couldn’t afford to pay COA that are now falling all over themselves to see who can pay the MOST. There is clearly plenty of money shloshing around to pay the players.


  3. Puffdawg

    Isn’t this telling about the whole new direction of the athletics program? Particularly the president’s (not ADs?) concern of a level playing field over the actual expense to the university.


    • W Cobb Dawg

      Somebody had to step up and take over the controls. If McG has proven anything, its that he can take any situation and make it worse. Although if I were Morehead I’d be telling McG to STFU, and not attempt to quote me or use my name in any context without my expressed pre-approval.


  4. Cojones

    Why not take a computer mapping program of the state of Georgia crossed with a program of the student body directory that computes the distance from Athens of all students’ hometowns and submit the true distances traveled? You may first guess that more students are commuters (within 25 miles of campus) than from other parts of the state, but there are a lot of students from So Ga towns who will negate them at 3/1 distances and beyond. Just how long would it take B-M to get an IT on it and completed for the football team and separately for all student-athletes? I’d say an hour or less. And it would up all the transportation costs. Follow suit for the out-of-state students, football players (Eason’s mileage?) and other teams and you have comparisons that can be stacked against other schools right to the team being sponsor….oops…uh…CoA-adjusted.

    Bet the differences wouldn’t be over $300/school. Out-of-country students wouldn’t be included else Ala, Aub and Tenn will be up to their ass in Tanzanians and Bumafuc Egyptians.


  5. Scorpio Jones, III

    Again, the open involvement of Jere Morehead in the athletics department is a sea change. Adams was involved, but lied about it.

    For about 100 years the main function of the Athletic Director at Georgia was to keep the president of the university from suffering the slings and arrows of the football program.

    If this open involvement improves the product on the field its a great thing, but Jere, I sho hope you know what you are stepping into.


  6. kckd

    Jere is demanding the right yes’s.


  7. COA is the most ridiculous nonsense to ever come out of “higher education”. The people who didn’t see the immediate ramifications of this COA mess don’t deserve their college diplomas.


  8. No sense in waiting around and hoping it will level out. The only way it levels out is if the league requires it to level out (which I think it should require).

    Either set a hard cap (and let everyone offer the same) or drive a significant amount of transparency and accountability into the process so that there isn’t a question as to why a School A raises its COA.


  9. If this stipend has an effect on recruiting. I would think Hawaii will be a dynasty shortly. Then again–Auburn would probably match their offering.


    • Cojones

      The Cost of living in Hawaii is way out there so their CoA would be legit. Since out-of-country shouldn’t be computed like in-state or country, no extra for Samoa. Of course Aub would have more Hawaiians on their team than Hawaii.