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“We don’t even try to focus on the negative.”

This is a nice story about Georgia’s quiet offseason – “Georgia hasn’t registered a single point in the latest Fulmer Cup Standings…” – but I gotta tell you, if things blow up in the next month, I’m blaming Weiszer for the jinx.


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Over their dead bodies

Word comes down that the NLRB will soon issue its ruling on the Northwestern players’ bid to unionize.  And with that, Andy Schwarz’ piece asking if Stanford would really follow through on its claim of moving to Division III to avoid the consequences of that is worth rereading.

Man, between Stanford and the Big Ten, D-III football could be all the rage soon.



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Larry Scott’s modesty

Well, now we know who doesn’t have the biggest Johnson.

If you don’t got it, don’t flaunt it, I guess.


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“Size doesn’t always equate to strength.”

For those of you concerned about the run defense, particularly the run defense up the middle, Mark Richt wants you to pay no attention to players’ weights.

Richt acknowledged Monday night that the Bulldogs have slimmed down as a team for the 2015 season. Georgia players generally will play lighter this season across the board.

“We have trimmed up; there’s no doubt about it,” Richt said. “That goes back to Coach (Mark) Hocke, our strength coach, and the amount of running these guys are doing. We are not a fat team at all. … We are lighter than we’ve been for a while.”

During the Q&A portion of Monday night’s event, a fan wondered if that might hurt Georgia at the point of attack, particularly on the defensive side of the ball.

“Just because you trim down doesn’t mean you lose strength,” Richt said. “Size doesn’t always equate to strength. Now it’s harder to move a bigger man, no doubt. But if the guy’s in greater condition and can play harder play-after-play, then you have a chance to sustain throughout the ball game.”

Sure hope there’s a lot more sustaining on the dive play this year, that’s for sure.  If I recall correctly, Herrera and Wilson had nineteen tackles apiece in the last Tech game.  Not exactly a recipe for stopping the run.


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The Three Amigos

Something you’d better get used to between now and opening day – any discussion about the Auburn-Louisville game (and Ian Boyd’s post is a good one) is going to bring up the subject of former Georgia players, at least in passing.

Expect to hear some red and black talk on the broadcast, as well.  And not because those are Louisville colors, either.


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