The Three Amigos

Something you’d better get used to between now and opening day – any discussion about the Auburn-Louisville game (and Ian Boyd’s post is a good one) is going to bring up the subject of former Georgia players, at least in passing.

Expect to hear some red and black talk on the broadcast, as well.  And not because those are Louisville colors, either.


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17 responses to “The Three Amigos

  1. 904Biscuit

    Why is it that, when a player leaves Georgia, they seem to find their way and stay out of trouble (except for Taylor, that is)? I don’t want those fools on the team any more than the rest of the Georgia faithful but, thinking of how ridiculously talented we’d be on the defensive side of the ball with the three DB’s and Taylor along the line makes me wish they weren’t such idiots. I think we’ll be more than fine on that side of the ball but, damn…


    • Bulldog Joe

      The problem at Georgia appears to have been mitigated for now.

      Zero-tolerance never works as it strips decision-making authority from those who have the best understanding of each situation.

      Hopefully, it’s a hard lesson not soon forgotten at Georgia.


    • hassan

      They don’t stay out of trouble. There is a sliding scale as to what constitutes trouble at other schools.


      • Sanford222view



      • Exactly–plus I bet the Police and the Football team don’t have the same antagonistic relationship that Adams built in Athens. In most college towns, the Police Chief pretty much reports to the football coach (I’m Looking at you Tallahassee PD). In Athen’s, Williamson pretty much worked for the AJC. Hopefully that is changing.


    • The Dawg abides

      Well, with these particular three, people seem to forget that Wiggins never actually got into real trouble. He was a bit immature with his “jovial personality”, but the reason he transferred was because he didn’t take to Pruitt’s system or style of play during one spring under him. His own father sort of called him out in the press, if I remember correctly. Matthews’ immature behavior was well documented from the start and after the check scam was on zero tolerance and then screwed that up. With him, it’s most likely a combination of growing up a little and a much longer leash at Auburn. By all accounts, JHC was a great kid and teammate, he just couldn’t lay off the weed. So now it’s either a case of him rehabbing and kicking the habit, or UL having a much more lax marijuana use policy.


  2. CannonDawg

    Auburn vs. Louisville – the very first thing that strikes me is that they sort of deserve one another, don’t they?


  3. I am not sure they do stay out of trouble 904, think back to Marshall and the weed in his car just before the season last year. Had he still been at UGA that along with his past would have had him dismissed. But at AU they were pretending that was his first screw up ever because the UGA history did not carry over with him. Just a thought.


    • 904Biscuit

      I completely forgot about Marshall being caught with weed in his car. And I was really asking the question in more of a sarcastic tone that how it was written. I’d bet good money that JHC hasn’t stayed away from the THC up in Louisville but, as far as I know, he’s been an upstanding SA who’s been able to kick his weed habit.


  4. Cousin Eddie

    They will mention how good they have been at the new schools and how the new coaching staffs have helped straighten them out and lead everyone to believe the problem is at UGA and not with the poor misunderstood players.


  5. Scorpio Jones, III

    Best thing about this game? “Auburn will be seeing a lot of this from Todd Grantham’s Louisville defense.” I cain’t hep it…it’s gotta come out…sorry, but WAR DAMN EAGLE. 🙂


  6. Cosmic Dawg

    at least in passing.

    I see what you did there.


  7. 69Dawg

    Well at least Todd knows what he has to do to stop the Gus bus. If Auburn loses this game they are toast in the CFP. They unlike tOSU have no mystic to overcome an early ugly loss. Auburn does not have umteen ESPN hacks like tOSU does to keep tOSU myth alive.


  8. SRQDawgs15

    That’s a complete 180 from the media seeming to be completely unaware that Mettenberger and Marshall were no longer at UGA for disciplinary reasons. From listening to ESPN and Verne, you would have thought they just decided to transfer for playing time and/or a position change, if they even mentioned that they were transfers in the first place!

    My favorite part of the linked post though was this, “The Cardinals….. welcome transfers in CB Shaq Wiggins and SS Josh Harvey-Clemons, who learned Grantham’s scheme at Georgia.” Ha! At no point in their brief UGA careers did either one of these clowns look like they knew a damn thing about Grantham’s defense unless the flailing arms, standing still while you receiver blows past you, and how not to deal with a Hail Mary are the staples of that D!