A play by any other name would smell as sweet

I tend to be a little skeptical about “it’s so easy” declarations, so I can’t say I’m totally relieved to hear John Theus’ take on the transition at offensive coordinator.

Having learned the new scheme this past spring, offensive tackle John Theus believes the same. Theus said there hasn’t been much of an adjustment for the players with Schottenheimer outside of learning a few different names. Otherwise, the offense, in philosophy, is pretty much the same.

“It’s not that hard. It’s pretty much the same kinds of plays and same schemes — a little bit different,” Theus said. “The main thing is just learning the new terminology. It’s not all that difficult, you just have to condition your mind differently and just be on top of things. Once you start getting some repetitions with it, it becomes second nature.”

Now it may be he’s offering that perspective strictly from the vantage point of his position group.  That would be more understandable, given the level of experience Georgia’s offensive linemen have.

That being said, there will be plenty of time for repetitions in August to get the troops acclimated to whatever changes are in store.  I just worry how this may feed into this season’s regression to the mean concern for me – how much of Georgia’s +16 turnover margin from 2014 fades away in 2015?


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8 responses to “A play by any other name would smell as sweet

  1. Mayor

    You’ve put your finger on the main threat in ’15 Senator–regression to the mean regarding turnovers.


    • Macallanlover

      Dead on Mayor. Steele even has a stat list for that exact point, both plus and minus, and how it impacts a team’s record the next year. Our TO margin was so good last year it is hard to believe that we will not trend down this season. Many turnovers re earned but the bounce of the ball is always up to Old Lady Luck. I just hope we can stay somewhere in the plus category, hopefully near double digits.


  2. Dave

    I’m encouraged…..over the last 15 years, I’ve watched new offensive coordinators in college pretty closely. One of the main indicators of success seems to be distilling concepts to make it simple to play…..or letting the players play ball. The prime example of this was clawson. Anyone remember the clawfense? Players before his first season were talking about the complexity. And they stunk it up. Anyone saying it’s easy to grasp is a good thing in my book…..even if it is a senior lineman. I’ll take it.


    • W Cobb Dawg

      Agree. Most of the time we have better athletes anyway. Complexity works against us more often than not.


  3. Hogbody Spradlin

    Somebody’s gonna zig when they shoulda zagged. Just hope it ain’t too crucial.


  4. doofusdawg

    This post takes me back to one of the anonymous sec coaches comments about cmr’s offense over the years. I think the comment was about five years ago and the comment was something like this.

    “You know what they are going to do and it’s not very menacing… 4 quarters and 400 yards later you look at the scoreboard and they have over 40 points”.

    My point is imagine what we can do if the opposing defense doesn’t know what we are gonna do. Hopefully we will find out.