Even when you think you know, you don’t really know.

Judging by the emails and comments I get, a lot of people seem to be more certain who Georgia’s starting quarterback is than Mark Richt seems to be.

But Georgia coach Mark Richt, asked about the situation frequently over the summer, has insisted that nothing has been decided, that the three players will enter preseason practice even and that a starter won’t be decided until the week of the season opener — if then.

“The reality is, at quarterback, until you get in that game and start playing, you really don’t know,” Richt said. “You do all this stuff (in camp) and a guy could win the job and then get out there and struggle. The next guy might just go in and flourish. You just don’t know.”

Of course, this could be nothing but a giant smokescreen, the purpose of which I have not yet divined.  But while I scoffed back in the spring at the possibility that Richt would allow the quarterback battle to encroach into the regular season, I have to admit I’m less certain of that today.  I guess we’ll have to wait and see what transpires over the next few weeks of preseason practice.

I just hope none of ’em rides a scooter.


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17 responses to “Even when you think you know, you don’t really know.

  1. Scorpio Jones, III

    At least one of the same folks who have handed the Hypeman to Jeremy Johnson say its gonna be the feller from Virginia, but that guy was a quarterback at Alabama, so he is just beginning to learn to think.

    My God, I can’t wait for UL-M. (Whoda thunk it?)


  2. TMC dawg

    really glad it is Lousiana Monroe. Break them in slow. GO DAWGS!!!!!!


    • Mayor

      This^^. The Dawgs should have a first game tune-up game every year before playing their first difficult OOC or SEC contest of the season.


  3. McTyre

    If staff are employing a giant smokescreen, it’s not exactly inconceivable under a QB-minded HC like ours for the purpose to be to minimize the preseason pressure on a 1st-time starter. The 24-7 infotainment cycle around SEC CFB has a way – reall or percieved – of distracting some college athletes … as you know.


  4. I wouldn’t be surprised to see two QBs rotated liberally against ULM to see who has the cooler head for live game performance. And I also wouldn’t be surprised to see a starter named for Vandy but given a short leash. (This assumes of course there is no smokescreen and the battle is as even as the coaches are reporting.)


    • I agree. In past seasons with wide-open QB battles like this one, it seems Richt likes to wait for the real games before making a decision. I have a feeling he’s doing that this year as well, particularly since we’re opening with ULM.


  5. Bright Idea

    Richt has to manage this so as not to deflate whoever the backups are. Once a starter is named the media and internet will immediately begin to speculate on where the rejected one will transfer to. No team is allowed to have a legitimate backup these days without him being dissatisfied about playing time.


  6. hp

    One thing I give credit to Richt is his QB coaching. The man knows what good QBs look like. What Richt looks for in a QB? Well he even mentioned classroom work. That tells you something.

    Who know who will be the qb? but my gut tells me it is gonna be Lambert. He looks very intelligent and have good size, good mobility and experience. He seem to have everything that the other two guys have and more. This is strictly my opinion.


    • Russ2

      Hp , I agree that Richt’s QB coaching is outstanding . Lambert may be the starting QB but I doubt it due to his limited time in the program. Richt is big on the QB following the progressions which he teaches and the ones which freelance too much are not allowed to play. Ramsey was number 2 last year for some reason , probably tallent. Nobody out works Bauta ,but Ramsey’s tallent gave him the edge last year. I hope Ramsey’s play this year will cause some Dawg fans too worry about Easons commitment. Ramsey will throw more interceptions( more than Mason) but the DAWGS downfield threat will open up run game even more. Time will tell , can’t wait. GO DAWGS! I am more worried about the freshman DL playing backups. Ledbetter and Thompson are tallented but thats tough on freshman.


  7. Dawgfan Will

    Hopefully no one removes himself from contention as Mett did previously.


  8. Hobnail_Boot

    There aren’t enough 1st-team snaps for 3 guys to share. This proves out in the Spring, when practice reports all said that Park was clearly at the bottom of the pecking order.


  9. Macallanlover

    Not a fan of weak schedules but there couldn’t be a better year for a soft September. I believe the job will be decided before the week of SC, but perhaps not until that week. Plenty of time before the Tide rolls into town to make sure we have the right guy ready to go. I had felt Bautu would win out but there is a lot of Lambert speculation growing. I don’t personally care which one emerges, no ties to them, and I have confidence that Richt and Schotty will make the right call. It will make the practice reports much more interesting though.


  10. I wonder if this somewhat more intense assessment of a new QB is more due to Schotty not liking to look a failure or not a fit as some initial reaction described his hire.


  11. And with regards to those scooter incidents of the past, does any notice there has not been any of those scooter incidents reported since than UGA policeman got fired. Just wondering.


  12. Derpovonburpo

    This is epic Richt trolling. He wants everyone guessing, especially our Oct3 opponent.