Raises for everybody!

Just the other day, Jere Morehead had this to say about Georgia’s new-found spending ways.

“Certainly the members of the Southeastern Conference are doing very well now,” Morehead said, “but I think it is also important to be prudent and careful because you do not know how long this period will last and you want to be thoughtful of how you spend your resources…”

Which is an interesting framework to view some news Marc Weiszer just teased out.

Tight ends coach and co-special teams coordinator John Lilly and outside linebackers coach Kevin Sherrer each got raises of at least $100,000 to bring them each to $350,000 annually, according to information provided to the Athens Banner-Herald in an open records request. Lilly made $250,000 last year and Sherrer made $220,000.

Athletic director Greg McGarity said those boosts in salary happened “months ago.”

Former Georgia wide receivers coach Tony Ball was the fifth highest paid assistant last year at $260,000. Now every Georgia assistant makes more than that with new running backs coach Thomas Brown and inside linebackers coach Mike Ekeler at $275,000 each. Ekeler got a pay raise of about $25,000.

Georgia’s nine assistant coaches are making a combined $4,810,200, including $1.3 million for defensive coordinator Jeremy Pruitt and $960,200 for new offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer. Georgia assistant coaching salaries totaled about $3.31 million last year.

Only LSU ($5.49 million) and Alabama ($5.21 million) paid their assistants more than $4.81 million last year, according to a salary survey compiled by USA Today.

Georgia is now paying its assistant staff more money than Auburn (with Boom as college football’s highest paid assistant, mind you) is.  Let that roll around in your brain for a second.

These guys are starting to freak me out a little.


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8 responses to “Raises for everybody!

  1. HVL Dawg

    There’s been a change…


  2. Re-investing the revenues from football back in to football at a percentage rate that is in the middle of the SEC tier or towards the top of this keeps up. Will take 2 or 3 more years to get us where we should have been all along.

    Was happy to hear the screen door slam as Mikey Adams went out the door.


    • CannonDawg

      Also glad to hear that screen door slam. It appears that Jere Morehead believes you can indeed have it both ways–that UGA can/will be a first-rate academic institution and a national football powerhouse. It also appears that he understands that neither can be done on the cheap. While Morehead seems more understated than Adams in that he doesn’t seem to prance and preen like a European dandy, the leadership emanating from Morehead’s office is unmistakable. Accountability in the use of resources and accountability for results. I’m liking this. A lot.


  3. Hogbody Spradlin

    Have we reached the zero point on the payroll/brain fart curve?


  4. JasonC

    I’m a little surprised that Sherrer is making in his 2nd year as much as Lily in his 15th(?) season.


  5. Dawgwalker07

    I’m hoping this means someone in the football office is really happy with the staff they’ve assembled and are trying to keep them all around and that someone in the athletic office agrees with them and is backing them up.


  6. UGA85

    That is an incredible jump in spending. Maybe around 50%? If we get a proportionate jump in the quality of our play, I will be more than satisfied.


  7. Macallanlover

    For way too many years UGA operated on the cheap, whatever it took to get by, and no more. You don’t attract, and maintain, the best talent when you do that, especially at the lower and middle levels. When you are in the top 15% of the pay grid there just aren’t many spots you can find if you don’t succeed in your job. With your standard of living set near the top, you can’t afford to stumble and there isn’t many places where you can go higher.

    You can argue that all HCs are paid too much but there was never any question the assistants were the ones who needed more security in their lives. Glad to see this happen, now GATA! Mama ain’t gonna be happy with any steps down from this new lifestyle.