At least I’ve still got dibs on GPOOE™.

Ohio State trademarks Urban Meyer’s name.

A friendly word of advice to Corinne Brown…  you’d best get on the stick, girl, before somebody trademarks “Corch”.


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9 responses to “At least I’ve still got dibs on GPOOE™.

  1. Never gets old. Good one Senator!


  2. Spike

    Gator Nation must be so proud. Bless their hearts. And your tax dollars at work!


  3. Who the hell was that stupid bitch?


  4. Muttley

    Kind of like “It’s A Wonderful Life” or “The Wizard Of Oz”, this just gets more special with every passing season.

    Malice the most, everyone.


  5. Cousin Eddie

    Well they still sue after they move to Div. III to keep the kids from cashing in on their names?


  6. Stumpy Pepys

    One way or the other, Rep. Brown never fails to bring tears to my eyes! Best of all, whenever one of my Gator friends here in Jacksonville tells me what a great school Florida is, I just mention Corrine Brown and the conversation ends 🙂


  7. Mayor

    Senator, I think YOU should trademark “Corch” while you can. We on this blog use it more than any other people and Corrine Brown can’t spell t-r-a-d-e-m-a-r-k.


  8. Makes me laugh every time. Love it!