‘How can a guy catch a ball eight yards downfield with a lineman standing right there next to him?’

The irony of using Auburn as an example of the envelope pushing of the downfield lineman rule officials swear they’re going to enforce this season – no, really, they swear it! – shouldn’t escape any Georgia fan who saw what seemed like last season’s only actual attempt to call that penalty in the Auburn game overturn a brilliant fake punt call.

Incorrectly, of course.


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16 responses to “‘How can a guy catch a ball eight yards downfield with a lineman standing right there next to him?’

  1. Spike

    That epically bad call cost us a TD. We had first and goal on the three yard line, as I recall. And the momentum..


  2. I hope the first time the Barn runs their QB option pass play, the officials call one of their linemen illegally downfield. This rule is one so tilted to the offense that the rules have become ridiculous. The rules now pretty much say, “Let the offense do whatever they want, but the defense actually has to play football but not too roughly.”


  3. Auburn pushing envelopes shouldn’t surprise you.


  4. Scrambledawg

    That call was the first time to allow myself to believe there really was some conspiracy against UGA orchestrated by the officials of the league office.

    Aside from the fact that it was a blown call and that Obburn routinely has 2-3 lineman 5-7 years downfield on most passing plays, the situation was so odd. Who notices THAT with so much else going on?


  5. Lrgk9

    SEC officiating sucks.

    This is McGarity’s job to make them stop with this crap sub rosa.
    McGarity sucks at this.


    • The suits in Birmingham live to protect T-town and the Barn. The only way we could change things would be to threaten to leave the SEC along with UF to join the ACC. Take the largest SEC media markets and see what they would do in Birmingham.


      • Mayor

        This^^. Without UGA and FU with their respective media markets the SEC is another Big 12 with Bama playing the role of Texas.


  6. AthensHomerDawg

    Someone seems have pulled the Kublanow video.


  7. Russ

    F the refs. Seriously.


  8. Macallanlover

    That call was so bad, such a joke, I have always felt it was retaliation for us asking, before the game, they enforce the downfield blocking against Auburn. It is the only reason that made sense to me then, and still is the only explanation. Had to vindictive, he could have seriously missed a call that badly. It reminds be of the unsportsmanlike against AJ at the end of the LSU game in Athens, that reaction by AJ could have been used as a clinic training film on the proper way to “celebrate” with your fans/team. The official had to intentionally miss that call for reasons of his own…..in both cases.


  9. Cojones

    It ain’t paranoia when the sombitches are really against you.

    Sic’em, Mayor. We all agree with you.