Knowledge is money.

Online bookmaker sets odds on who wins Georgia’s quarterback battle.  Those of you convinced it’s Bauta can make some pretty good dough putting your money where your mouths are.

Then again, Dean Legge seems pretty sure there’s a reason Ramsey’s the favorite.


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7 responses to “Knowledge is money.

  1. steve

    I think Legge made 2 mistakes in his 8 paragraphs. First, he writes ‘He’s got probably the second-best arm in the Mark Richt Era…’ That means he never saw Zach Mattenberger throw. Technically, Matt only performed in Sanford on G Day but his arm strength was impressive. And he was a Dawg in the CMR era. (Also,maybe a horn dog).
    Second, ‘Neither player has the physical tools to beat Ramsey out’. While that may be true neither did Hutson and Hutson beat him out. But that was because of the nonphysical element which Ramsey apparently lacks (or lacked last year). Personally, I don’t think Ramsey is a 4th quarter QB.


    • PTC DAWG

      Murray hands down over Mett…


    • Mett has a great arm no doubt. Ramsey borders on elite. Not saying he knows where it should go (or maybe he does) but his arm is better then mett. Mett was more like Shockley.


    • SRQDawgs15

      So, to you, a 5th year senior starting over a RS Freshman is a clear indication that the 19yo just doesn’t have what it takes mentally? Most people would call that normal, logical, fully expected………something like that.


  2. DawgFaithful

    How many 4th quarters have you seen Ramsey play in that actually mattered? What exactly are you basing this opinion on? You guys crack me up with your “opinion”. The guy has barely any game experience. And the guys that are convinced Bauta will win the spot… what are you basing this on? The guy couldn’t beat out Ramsey last year. Why would this year be different? I think you’ll see 2 QB’s in the 1st game but I think the coaches are hoping that Ramsey will carpe diem and be the man.

    We’ll see….


  3. It wouldn’t surprise me if Lambert won the job………..and I was pissed when I found out about him transferring to UGA…. but I digress


  4. Macallanlover

    Man, I have become less confident of my “feeling” it would Bauta but at 13-1 I may have to lay a couple of C Notes on him. I have no idea who wins it, and really don’t have any personal interest in the name chosen, just want it to work out well for us.

    I did think Ramsey would have a hard time adjusting to a pro-style offense coming from what he ran in HS. I think Lambert may be a good ways back in knowing the offense but he does have bright light experience, not all of which was good experience. Perhaps our offense will fit him better and he could flourish in Athens. I do think Lambert and Bauta’s mobility is an asset I want to see in our QB but agree with the coaches that decision making and ball security is more critical than raw arm strength for us.

    TEs and RBs may be our best weapons in the passing game so accuracy on short to medium throws may be our key to passing success. Since none of us actually know what the coaches see/think/hear it seems better to not get too invested in any one QB for a few weeks longer. Not sure why Dean would take such a strong position given the role he plays with UGA and how the staff is insisting it is a wide open race at this point.