Craig James sues Fox.

Boy, he’s got this right:

James, who was a star running back at SMU in the 1980s, claimed that what he said during a debate as a political candidate should have had no bearing on his ability to be a football analyst.

True, because he sucked at that long before he took a stab at politics.

Evidently riding in a gay parade is evidence of a decline in moral fiber, but taking money under the table at SMU isn’t.  Or something like that.


UPDATE:  Another way to put it

Craig James is not content with his life. Despite being part of one of the biggest scandals in college sports history at SMU, being a borderline coherent college football analyst for more than a decade and receiving 3.6 percent of the vote in the 2012 Texas Republican Senate primary, James wants to get paid, too, so he’s filed a lawsuit against the Fox television network in Dallas County district court.

All that’s missing from that is a five dead hookers reference… oops, pardon me, five alleged dead hookers reference.


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18 responses to “Craig James sues Fox.

  1. Reservoir Dawg

    Dead hookers? Who said anything ’bout dead hookers?


  2. ASEF

    I love how people who used to be on TV forget that being on TV had nothing to do with actual expertise or ability.

    Wpuld anyone watch a game because Craig was doing analysis? No. Would people not watch? Yup. TV execs do love simple binaries. This is one of those rare instances where CFB fan benefits.


  3. Jack Klompus

    Andrew Ware loves your post.


  4. Jack Klompus



  5. Scorpio Jones, III

    James was not even in the same league with Lou Holtz as a talking head. Maybe if James had been even as good as Dr. Lou, things woulda worked out different for him.

    “Lou Holtz: ESPN has spoken to its college football analyst about his recent political efforts, and, “he will not be involved in any future similar efforts.” ESPN must be paying Holtz so much that his passion for politics isn’t worth it. A reader reminded us of the time that Holtz was forced to resign as head coach at Arkansas for endorsing conservative Senator Jesse Helms in 1983. If you’re unfamiliar with Helms’ racist history, read this.” (HT—USA Today’s The Big Lead, October 8, 2010.


  6. Russ

    They deserve each other.


  7. Dog in Fla

    When Fox Sports South by Southwest sends its people to take away Craig’s freedom to discriminate, they’re not sending their best because their best are bringing it in parades with spectacular floats and fabulous bands


  8. sectionzalum

    it’s a shame he didn’t get elected. he would fit right well in the congress.


  9. 3rdandGrantham

    The fact that he thinks being gay is a choice automatically renders him a borderline idiot, IMO, in which he almost assuredly isn’t the most qualified candidate to be a Fox TV analyst making 600k+ yearly, or whatever the going rate is.

    If one of my sales managers calls me tomorrow and passionately argues that the earth is flat; oh and by the way he doesn’t particularly care for Asians, its pretty much guaranteed that his days will be quite numbered.

    Some people continue to have this warped view that they have (or at least should have) freedom of speech without freedom from consequences. These are the same idiots who also like to go around and scream things like “innocent until proven guilty!” at every turn as well.


  10. Lrgk9

    I just want Craig to stay gone.


  11. Why did anyone think the viewing public gave a damn about watching James exercise?