Georgia’s Swiss Army Knife on defense

There is a risk of Tripp’n Floyd, I guess, but I think Pruitt’s too smart for that.


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  1. I think we’ll see him at star in run sets to provide more of a 4-3 look.

    Regardless whether he’s inside or outside, his job will be to go after the QB with all he’s got on passing downs.

    I just hope he learned his lesson about setting the edge against the zone read.


    • As bad as he was about that against UF, he was that good against Auburn.


      • The difference is Florida was running power. Auburn was running finesse. Florida was running inside of Floyd and challenging him to fill that gap. Auburn was trying to run outside of Floyd.

        I’d feel good running a power o at Floyd and kicking him out with a guard or tackle. A jet sweep? Not so much.

        We’ve got east west down. North south? We need to firm that up.


        • You must have been watching a different UF game from the one I saw. Georgia lost contain all day in Jax, and got gashed by runs outside.


          • gatorhater27

            Someone linked this here a couple weeks ago; Wilson and Herrera had miserable games vs. the Gators as well. (or at least did so on these two plays.)



          • Lakatos Intolerant

            Agreed. North/south/power vs. east/west/finesse sounds like a keyboard DC trying to articulate what went wrong against UF and right against Auburn. Plenty of blame to go around – d-line got beat all day long – but much of the angst seemed to stem from the fact that Floyd had opportunities to force the runner back inside on several occasions (so someone else could make a tackle)…and didn’t do it well enough or at all.


          • Irwin R. Fletcher

            I think this was the case in Columbia, too. Long runs because the LBs got pinched to the inside and there were massive gaps to run through in the secondary.

            And calling Auburn’s running game ‘finesse’ just because they use deception and a QB carries it just isn’t accurate. I’m not going to compliment the Barn, but I’m also not going to say that their running isn’t physical.


          • The good thing is that anyone can watch it for themselves:

            These are similar looking at the snap but quite dissimilar in design of the plays run. Most of florida’s runs are power plays with pulling linemen. They are essentially running the old joe Gibbs counter trey. You might see one play where an auburn lineman pulls. While both games have outside runs auburn is trying to use superior speed and misdirection to get outside. Florida pushes our edges back and the rb’s have the option of going inside or outside. These are two widely disperate games because one offense played finesse and the other played power. The was not because our guys figured out how to play bw the cocktail party and the auburn game.


      • I Wanna Red Cup

        I have not gone back to watch the SC game but as I was in the stands watching it I seem to recall Jordan Jenkins getting blocked all over the place that game. I remember him getting pulled on at least one occasion. Perhaps someone who has rewatched that game can tell me I am wrong. Hopefully both of those fellows will be coached up to set the edge this year.


      • Senator, you hit the nail on the head with Floyd. He has been inconsistent. He’ll have a game like Clemson or Auburn where he truly couldn’t be blocked, and he would do his best Jarvis Jones imitation as a guy you have to design your game plan around. He then plays a game like the Florida game where it looks like he’s going through the motions or trying to make a big play every play rather than playing his assignment. Hopefully, Pruitt, Sherrer and Ekeler are coaching that out of him.


        • Macallanlover

          You are right about the consistency issue last year but he was playing with a shoulder injury last year. Not knowing his week to week prognosis makes it hard to say what was going on in each game. Not a good injury to have in a contact sport. I want to see him rip some heads off this year, and really like that CJP is thinking out of the box on how to best utilize the abundance of talent we have at OLB. Knew he would get some of that redeployed to the middle.


          • I hope Pruitt does as well. While you may get blocked while playing with an injury, you can still play your assignment and string the outside run out or turn the player out. If you aren’t healthy enough to play your assignment, you shouldn’t be on the field.

            I like the law firm of Jenkins, Floyd & Carter to crack some heads this season. The pictures of Zo in particular from camp are impressive.


  2. Castleberry

    I’m hoping this is less Tripp’n and more getting him on the field together with Carter and Jenkins.

    Our opponents don’t want to be 3rd and long and see three first round sack specialists on the field.


  3. Athens Dog

    It sure would be nice to get away from that hollow feeling in your stomach when it’s third and Grantham


  4. mdcgtp

    If Carter emerges like we think he will, it provides Pruitt more flexibility with Floyd and Jenkins on a play-to-play basis. By that I mean, regardless of where each one lines up, he can show blitz with both knowing one will drop into coverage. floyd is being moved around play to play across different roles will exacerbate that confusion (particularly if Roquan is playing star).


  5. Hogbody Spradlin

    Wasn’t Floyd injured against Florida?


  6. Hogbody Spradlin

    I made a big deal of taking my daughter to the Florida game, thinking we were safe. I got a queasy feeling when the field goal blew wide, and knew it was going wrong when David Andrews limped off.