I didn’t need to hear that, thanks.

If you’re looking for your media-induced daily downer, this’ll have to do, I suppose.

And it’s all why the Rams spent the 10th pick in the draft on him as a perfect element to Jeff Fisher’s goal of simplifying the Rams’ offense and establishing a ground-and-pound identity. In a strange swap, Gurley arrived in St. Louis right as former Rams offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer (and his verbose, complex scheme) left to run the offense at UGA.  [Emphasis added.]

Damn it, man!  Next you’re gonna tell me he called the plays behind a draped towel.


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11 responses to “I didn’t need to hear that, thanks.

  1. JT (the other one)

    Meh. I have heard otherwise from current Ram players (as you pointed out) and others in the BM…we shall see.


  2. Bulldog Joe

    Tre Mason is a solid back.

    Regardless of Gurley’s first-round status, there is no football-related reason for the Rams to ‘Keith Marshall’ him in before he is physically ready. The Bills had the patience to hold Willis McGahee out for an entire year and were rewarded with two 1,000-yard seasons before he was traded.

    As much as I would love to see Gurley perform in the preseason, I can wait.


  3. Granthams replacement

    Most of his scheme will be #27


  4. Ben

    Jeff Fisher has had years to make his offense less complicated, and maybe he’s admitting that he’s not going to get a solid QB there as long as his defense runs the show.

    I’m not worrying about Schottenheimer until we start puttering around and only putting up 14-17 points a game.


  5. Dawgpa

    This is one of my biggest concerns. 😩


  6. Macallanlover

    Have not understood the angst over this hire. The man seems rock solid, UGA’s offense has been rock solid for years, we have great talent back on offense, bot he and Richt have said we will run the same base offense. Nothing to see hear, everyone move along. If we had sucked at offense prior, and/or we had a new HC or a HC who was Muschump dumb when it came to offense, I could understand much of this. We will be fine, find another significant area to worry about: punter or long-snappah.


  7. Siddharrha

    Or Scorpio Jones III’s hats, or Dog in Fla’s Trump angst, or Cojones Jonesing, or Senator’s geolocation, or jdrip’s buzz, or Athens Homer Dog’s Avatar. Or why Mayor of Dawgtown dropped of Dawgtown. Or the fact Macallanlover prefers Dalwhinnie. It just doesn’t matter. It just doesn’t matter.


  8. The Falcons’ greatest need was a pass rusher. However I think that
    they are going to regret not taking Gurley with their first pick. Time will tell.