Wednesday morning buffet

Hump day.  Get ‘yer buffet on.

  • 100 years ago… Vanderbilt was a football powerhouse.
  • Three overrated college teams, based on advanced stats – and Georgia isn’t one of them.
  • Georgia opened preseason practice yesterday almost complete from a health standpoint.  Amazing.
  • The CFP announced yesterday that it’s expanding travel help to players’ families to cover the semifinals.  That’s a nice gesture, but it’s hard to see how you square that with amateurism.  Maybe someone could ask Stacey Osburn for a comment.
  • Pruitt on Leonard Floyd“So the good thing about Leonard is he can help everybody else right. Until we figure out the other pieces of the puzzle he’s gonna kind of do all three.”
  • More Pruitt“Sometimes your second team strong safety is better than your second team free safety,” defensive coordinator Jeremy Pruitt said. “So when you’re starting free safety gets hurt, it’s not real smart to put in the worse player.”
  • Even more Pruitt“This league is a physical league. You better be big up front. You better have big people so you can sustain over the course of the year…”
  • Matt Hinton says yes, the SEC West is that good.  Which makes you wonder what kind of expansion pressure will be brought to bear on the CFP if the SEC gets shut out of the semifinals because the West ate its own.
  • And Grayson Lambert sees a lot of similarities between what Virginia and Georgia run in their offenses.


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17 responses to “Wednesday morning buffet

  1. Russ

    The bowl games last year would seem to argue against the SECW being that good, especially Mississippi teams.


  2. dawgtired

    “Pruitt said. “This league is a physical league. You better be big up front. You better have big people so you can sustain over the course of the year.”

    Well I guess this comment from Pruitt will slow the talk about the coaching staff wanting ‘light’ players at all D positions.


    • I’m glad Pruitt spoke on this, because lack of depth and size up front lost us that UF game. Here’s to Pruitt shoring up this deficiency on the recruiting trail.


      • W Cobb Dawg

        CJP is heading in the right direction. Thompson and Hawkins are both 300+ lbs. And next year’s recruiting crop of DL’s is looking very promising.

        CTG and garner didn’t leave much to work with. I think Gaillard was the only large DL signed over 2 years prior to CJP hitting town. And it appears he’s a bust as a DL and was switched to OL.


  3. Russ

    Oh, and that Vandy story is no good without video. 😉


  4. AlphaDawg

    I don’t think the west teams are that much better than the East, I do think that Bama and LSU have slipped some due to better recruiting from everyone (TN, GA, and the MS schools) and coaching turnover. A couple of good classes for MSU and Old Miss are now mature so MSU and Old Miss have gotten better resulting in more parity in West than in the East.


    • There’s no comparison between the bottom of the two divisions.


      • Macallanlover

        That is the major point of difference. And the teams in the West are only hurting themselves by playing into this meme. The difference in the SEC and other conferences is the relentless pounding of quality athletes in eight SEC games. Given the poor OOC scheduling, they had better keep selling the whole conference and not minimizing the 3 games they must play against the other side to win a title.

        And Georgia began preseason practice with all players available to play in the opener because they did not “act the fool” during the offseason. Amazing. Congrats to the players and staff, well done.


      • UGA85

        What about the top of the two divisions? Mizzou vs. Bama last year? The East has had one competitive game out of the last seven championship losses to the West since Tebow left. What about head to head records? Urban Meyer’s leaving has hurt the East tremendously relative to the West. There is a huge void at the top of the East, and I really hope UGA can step up and fill it.


    • Bulldog Joe

      I believe the gap between the west and the east was primarily created by the number of players recruited by their respective schools. It also explains South Carolina’s rise to the top half of the east this decade as they recruited at west-level numbers.

      I see the gap tightening due in part to the impact of the signing limits put in place in 2012. South Carolina is falling back toward its traditional position and I expect the east teams, particularly Tennessee, to be more competitive with the west as the gap in the number of recruited players is reduced. I also expect Kentucky to be more competitive.


  5. Uglydawg

    Good piece on Auburn’s being over rated. I don’t know if they are or not, but I ‘spect they may be.


    • Union Jack

      Of course Auburn is overrated. Name another team in the top ten that has to replace their QB, top two RB’s and top WR? There is no one else. It is based solely on Malzahn and the fact he hired Muschamp.


      • Uglydawg

        Sports Illustrated just came out with their top ten. Ohio State is number one, Auburn is number two(?)…Georgia checks in at 11.
        Auburn ahead of Bama? Phyllis is gonna beat some ass over this one.


  6. Not only healthy, but few (any?) suspensions or academic issues. Wow!

    (Hope I didn’t just jinx us, Larry.)


  7. Mayor

    Go back and look at Vanderbilt’s records during the early 20s and even earlier, 1902-1915. Like Duke during that time the Commodores were a big winner. What happened? Their coach retired and the next one, then the next one, then the next, etc. were all losers. Don’t think it can’t happen now, too. I think UT is running the risk of becoming another UK if things don’t turn around in Knoxvegas soon. I’m hoping things actually get worse for the Vols.