More on that two-team race in the SEC East

Kirk Herbstreit believes that the SEC East will come down to Tennessee or Georgia this season, with a slight lean towards the Vols.

So does Phil Fulmer.  Although with Fulmer, you get the bonus shot taken at South Carolina. Old habits die hard.  (Speaking of which, I bet Spurrier files that away for future reference.)



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24 responses to “More on that two-team race in the SEC East

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    Where is all this orange love coming from?


  2. Jeff Sanchez

    The more the Conventional Wisdom says the Vols win this, the more I like our chances.


    • +1
      I hate it when our team is given any sort of preseason championship. I prefer our team to be overlooked and I suspect that it will help if it continues up to our game in knoxvegas!


  3. GaBoy 3000

    I am so sick of all of this UT hype! Did anyone catch what Phat Phil said about enjoying playing at Georgia and beating them? He was always the opposing coach I disliked the most.


  4. The only thing with this 2 team race is Mizzu may sneak in again.


    • Brandon

      Exactly what I was thinking… not sure what else Mizzou has to do to get a little recognition in the East. 2 straight division titles apparently isn’t enough


      • FisheriesDawg

        I would answer “beat more than one team with a winning record in a two-year stretch”. But that’s just me.


  5. Spike

    Yea, guys, I’m not getting all the love for the Vols. But, I have grown so tired of Herbie. I just don’t listen to him anymore or read what he has to say. He just bores me to death.


  6. Chadwick

    UT just lots a starting guard for the season and if Dobbs is as good as advertised how the hell did he totally shit his pants in several games last year. I can’t wait to see Richt leave Knoxville with Booch’s head on a spear. Seriously, this team needs to up there and get medieval on the Vols.


  7. SouthernYank

    I think Mizzou is in trouble this year. The DL and WR losses are going to hurt them. And they have a tough stretch to end the year after their open date. As I’ve said, UF’s D will not make up for their horrible offense (check out their OL, horrible). They may very well end up 6th in the East, ahead of only Vandy. While I think UT is the most likely threat to UGA in the East, I think Spurrier is the wildcard. No idea how they do this year.

    PS: I hear Mayor has updated his UT prediction to 1-7 in the SEC with their only win being Vandy.


  8. 69Dawg

    Given the way we have had to pull the last two games with UT out, I don’t blame anyone for thinking they are going to win. The Kool-Aid has been flowing freely here of late and we fans are drinking it up. I’ll wait and see if we can beat the Ole Ball Sack for a change before I get all fired up. Also based on our history I’ll still be afraid for every game we play.


  9. What fresh Hell is this?

    Interesting that Herbie doesn’t pick the barn as even being in the top two in the west.


  10. Irwin R. Fletcher

    Creates a pretty nice trap for UGA against Carolina…I fear them more if they lose to UNC or UK prior to the trip to Athens.

    The formula for UGA this year seems pretty simple…you either have to sweep the East and split the two West games or you sweep Bama and Barn and might get away with 1 loss in the East. I don’t think 2 losses gets them back to the Dome. Donnan said it the other day in the State….he thinks Carolina has a chance to win in Athens, and I agree with him.


    • I get the any given Saturday and he’s won four of the last five aspects to the SC argument. But the ‘Cocks barely got by UGA with Clowney and Lattimore in 2011 and lost by double digits with Clowney and Shaw last time in Athens. What’s the formula for victory for SC this time?


  11. Mike

    Beware an undervalued Spurrier USCe team. He does best as the spoiler, not the frontrunner. So does Georgia?