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Sign o’ the times

I don’t get the point of this, on a number of levels.

With football season right around the corner, fans in the Atlanta and Athens area will begin to notice some familiar faces popping up on the digital billboards. Over the next several months, Bulldog Nation will see rotating graphics of their favorite players on 44 digital faces throughout Atlanta and Athens. With the installation of our digital marketing campaign, Georgia’s flagship university will be one the most widely seen brands in the greater Atlanta area.

“We’re proud to be one of the most powerful brands in college athletics, and want to effectively tell our story,” said Senior Associate Athletic Director Andy Platt said. “As part of our new multi-media campaign, we want to have a strong digital presence in Atlanta and give fans and alumni a great sense of pride as they approach Athens.”

I’m not exactly having a problem getting my attitude on straight any time I’m traveling to the Classic City, and I doubt many other fans are different in that regard.  And I have a hard time believing a billboard would have more of an impact on recruits than face-to-face love from the coaching staff.

As we seem to be entering a post-O’Bannon time when schools are starting to market with the concept of not promoting their individual stars, it’s a little against the grain in that department.  (Which isn’t to say that if I were a player whose mug appeared on a billboard, I wouldn’t get a kick out of it.)

Butts-Mehre must have a little extra money to burn.  It’s a good thing they haven’t let that player compensation thing get out of control.


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