So you’re saying there’s a 4.4% chance?

Here’s something that will cause a double take:  SportsLine rates Georgia as having the fifth-best chance of running the table in all of D-1.

If that’s really true, then the Dawgs’ national title odds are undervalued at 33-1.


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12 responses to “So you’re saying there’s a 4.4% chance?

  1. Go Dawgs!

    I just don’t get it. We don’t have a quarterback. And our offensive coordinator has never called a play for our school.



    • AceDawg

      UGA is in a position of strength. It’s offense was good last year with a mediocre QB, so it’s a wash if the guy this year isn’t special. We also kept the same offensive philosophy and brought in an NFL guy. No reason that should derail the offense, especially with three 5 star veteran running backs. On defense, we return legit talent under a rising d coordinator in his year #2 – always a good year to see progress. I like UGA’s chances compared to most teams.


    • SRQDawgs15

      It’s because they’re not comparing UGA to some mythical perfect team or even champions of the past. What team on our schedule does have a solid, returning starter at QB? How many of our opponents made coaching changes this offseason? Once you realize that they don’t play football (or evaluate football teams) in a vacuum it might make more sense to you!


  2. watcher16

    Something about lies and statistics


  3. CannonDawg

    If I was told I had a 4.4% chance of storming the beach and surviving the assault, I’d look for the chaplain. If I was told I had a 4.4% chance of winning a huge lottery, I’d be elated (and would likely avoid the chaplain). On the idea of the Dawgs having a 4.4% chance of running the table, I’m sort of caught in the middle.

    Ah, what the heck.

    Chaplain, would you very much mind offering up a little something . . . ?


  4. The other Doug

    Wisconsin at 100-1 jumps out too.


  5. FtWorthDawg

    Help me with those statistics. So we have a .5 % advantage over Alabama of going undefeated while Alabama’s odds of winning a National Championship are almost 5x times greater? Either there is a huge bias towards Nick Saban and Alabama or there is not much confidence nationally in Coach Richt’s ability to bring one home. At least that’s how I read those stats.



    Going undefeated is overrated….just look around.


  7. Derpovonburpo

    I got in at 30-1 in Vegas earlier this year, because why not? I’m a Georgia Fan – every year is our year….until it isn’t


  8. We are slightly rated above Bama to go undefeated, and AU is not even listed. Then Bama & AU are favored above us to win the SEC. Man these guys just throw the stuff against the wall to see what sticks.
    I am ready to watch football, not read some guys WAG.


  9. Macallanlover

    Probably better than 5% chance because we are about 70% chance to play in the “play-in” game, also known as the SECCG. Not saying we will make it, but not an awful bet if you won’t to throw a C note at it.