The Pruitt Effect just keeps rolling on.

After seeing the big-play debacles that repeatedly marred the 2013 season and the lack of depth Georgia started off with in 2014, if you’d have told me that three rational LSU bloggers would reach consensus on the Dawgs’ secondary shaping up as the SEC’s third-best this season, I’d have called you crazy.

Imagine what’s in store when Pruitt gets the talent level to a place where he’s satisfied.


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  1. doofusdawg

    I still feel that we are undersized at safety and it will hurt us at some point. Watching the practice videos it looks like Davis and Parrish are physically more suited for safety than Sanders and Mauger. I really miss the big hitter back there. Hopefully we get enough early leads in games to get the freshmen some reps,


  2. @gatriguy

    One day, the full story of what was going on behind the scenes in 2013 will come out and will be fascinating.


  3. UGA85

    I know he’s only been at UGA for a year, but I just hope CJP stays long enough for us to see a defense that he has recruited, then coached for a few years. So far, his arrival has coincided with much-needed change in many areas; he may receive many head coaching offers if our defense improves this year as much as it did in 2014.


    • Scorpio Jones, III

      It seems to me UGA is a different opportunity/challenge for Pruett. At neither Bama nor FSU, did he “build” a defense from the ground up, not saying he did not have an impact at both, but his impact at Georgia is visible now and will be significantly more visible in years to come.

      Not to say he would turn down a great head coaching job, but it seems to me, at his age, building his resume with a five or so year stay at Georgia would be smart.


      • TnDawg

        I sure hope you are right Scorpio, I just don’t think he will be here beyond next year if that. If LSU opens up, he could end up there.


        • Go Dawgs!

          I’m with you, TD. I’m really worried that he’s not going to be here very long. The legend of Pruitt has spread too far and too wide for his name not to be a hot commodity either this winter or next.


          • BulldogBen

            He’s GOING to get an HC job someday but outside of the X’s and O’s I’m not sure he’s ready just yet. Ie – the fried chicken circuit, the business decisions, the administrative bureaucracy, and the media demands. If I were an AD doing my due diligence, it would be a concern. He’s only been a DC for 2 years. I just hope we get a title before he gets there.


            • Richt is a good guy to learn from with regards to those concerns–I think.


            • W Cobb Dawg

              Not ready yet?? Whenever we have a job opening he ‘just happens’ to pull out a list of candidates. With the possible exception of the offensive side of the ball, he has authority over (or heavy influence on) every aspect of the program – D, S&C, STs, recruiting, facilities, etc. And I’m not foolish enough to think he’s going to turn down $3 million+. He’ll likely take a large part of our staff along with him to a new gig.

              CJP is in the driver’s seat. I’m surprised he wasn’t offered a HC job after 2014. He’s got what, 3 championship rings in the last 5 or so years? Just because he couldn’t work miracles with the mess he inherited at UGA, doesn’t mean he can’t be a damn good HC. His resume far surpasses a lot of recent HC hires.


              • Pruitt DID work miracles with a UGA D last season. If Bobo hands off to Gurley in the SC game instead of calling a pass play that basically had no chance, and if CMR doesn’t have a brain cramp at the end of the Tech game, the 2014 Dawgs go 11-1 in the regular season. Who knows what would have happened in the post season. The turnaround was on D not on O.


        • Will (The Other One)

          I don’t know, after Muschamp’s flame-out how likely is any top-half SEC school going to look at a coordinator with no head coaching experience? Look at the West now: even discounting Saban, Miles came from OkieSt (much like Saban originally, from MichSt), Bert from Wisconsin, Sumlin had success at Houston, Malzahn was a coordinator mostly, but also had been a head-coach at a mid-major (same as Freeze). Mullen’s really the only coordinator hire over there right now. Not sure I see LSU going the coordinator route if Miles’ magic hat finally flames out.


  4. 904Biscuit

    Based on the type of person CJP seems to be, I don’t believe is possible for him to be satisfied with the talent level.


    • DugLite

      I agree.


    • McTyre

      Agreed. in which case, one shouldn’t mistake CJP’s media quotes or practice field I vestige for an honest assessment our our current talent level. He definitely maximized the return from our depleted DB roster last year. Current group is talented enough for the D to take another step toward elite status . . . and even more if unproven guys play well.


    • South FL Dawg

      Beat me to it.


    • CannonDawg

      Agree. Much like a Marine Corps drill instructor, good enough will never be good enough. And as for the impossible, it just takes a little longer. Semper Fi, CJP.


  5. reipar

    I am not sure if I take greater issue with the words rational and LSU used together or rational and blogger 😉


  6. AceDawg

    The other SEC teams are vulnerable enough that UGA’s secondary should be plenty good enough to let the LBs wreak havoc. It’s fair to be concerned about the defensive lapses UGA still had on occasion last year and the way the team got mauled by UF and GT on defense, but overall, the team is deeper and more talented this year. Add a side of “year #2” under Pruitt, and you have yourself a nice defensive combo.


    • Joel

      I agree with AceDawg! USCe will be our biggest test to see if our defense will hold up to everyone else. Gonna be a tough season.


  7. Hobnail_Boot

    Mauger’s improvement from ’13 to ’14 was all the proof I needed.

    Sanders will be an All American by the time he leaves Athens.


  8. GaBoi 3000

    I think Dominic Sanders will be this years version of Damion Swann.