Carpe footballem.

If there’s been a more unabashed supporter of Brice Ramsey’s likelihood of being Georgia’s starting quarterback in 2015 than Dawg Post’s Dean Legge, I’ve missed it.  So for Legge to acknowledge this

At this point I don’t expect Georgia to name a starter until before the week the season starts – and probably only then because they have to.

… speaks volumes.  And not in a comforting way, if you’re someone like me who would prefer to see an offense breaking in a new starter at the position, a new offensive coordinator and dealing with significant turnover at the wide receiver position (as well as a new position coach there) have an opportunity to start settling in as soon as possible.  I get that some of you are enamored with the benefits of endless competition in August and keeping people guessing about Georgia’s tactics, but to me there’s a real downside the longer the situation remains unsettled.

A new quarterback and his (new, too, by the way) center need reps.  A new quarterback and his receivers need reps.  The more you shift those from preseason practice to real game time, the greater the risk you run from timing issues that cost you offensive efficiency.  Add to that the pressure on whoever is named the first starter of feeling like he’s one mistake away from being benched in favor of the next guy in line, and you’re going to wind up with quarterbacks playing so tight you won’t be able to insert a straight pin up their asses.

And this isn’t about picking a particular horse in this race.  I don’t care who starts this season, as long as he’s a competent SEC quarterback – and, remember I mentioned in my G-Day observations I felt like there is somebody at the position whom Richt and Schottenheimer can develop to that level.  Along those lines, it’s worth considering that any uncertainty now doesn’t simply reflect on Ramsey, although it may be the case that it reflects upon him the most.  None of the three has separated himself from the pack at this point, and if Richt feels this way,

“There is a chance we have a couple guys taking reps in game one,” Richt added. “I’m not sure.”

… that may continue for an uncomfortable time.

Now I get that Richt has been developing quarterbacks for a very long time and has a solid track record in that regard.  So there’s that.  But just because I acknowledge it doesn’t mean I have to like where things appear to stand.  Because the question that’s starting to bubble in the back of my mind – what happens if Georgia’s 2015 starting quarterback isn’t as effective as Hutson Mason was last season? – isn’t something I’m ready to ponder quite yet.


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  1. Russ

    Whoever he picks will be the wrong one…at least every time we don’t make a first down.


  2. JG Shellnutt

    Rectal insertion of straight pins is not recommended or endorsed by the AMA.


  3. Let’s just hope they are all playing so well that they can’t decide. Picking one for the sake of picking one doesn’t make sense to me. If there isn’t seperation, play two until there is. There is a benefit to everyone for someone to win or lose that job with 90000 watching. Random or secret selection won’t help things.


  4. Connor

    Gather ye practice reps while ye may. Completely agree Senator. I really wish the coaches had someone they could focus their effort into prepping for the season right now. Only upside I can see is that if one of them goes down apparently there won’t be much of a drop off.


  5. dawgtired

    …but to me there’s a real downside the longer the situation remains unsettled.”

    I’ve tried to be positive about this QB battle, but I can’t help but think what we would be saying if it was another team. You know we would be gleefully pointing to it as a weakness.


    • Do you know who alabama’s starter will be on Oct. 3rd? I don’t. You don’t. Despite that, I’m willing to bet they’ll show up undefeated and ready to ball. We should do likewise.


      • Chadwick

        100% agree. It’s essentially the second week of camp and Richt is a professional at doing this. It doesn’t mean that thee won’t be mistakes or a rotation, but this team is built to help a QB like no other Georgia team I’ve seen since Van Gorder was here.


      • Cojones

        We don’t know LSU’s starter either.


      • dawgtired

        …and if we have to be QB poor, with our run game and D, there’s not another team I would want supporting them…no more self pity…let’s get after it!!


  6. Chuck

    Maybe Sony Michel should take a few snaps….


  7. Cojones

    When we begin to cull decision-making by our coaches going into the season, the more the “hot seat” becomes something that others will believe. Dawg fans shouldn’t fall for this bullshit by anyone outside the arena. There shouldn’t be punitive vibrations for any coach’s decisions, especially when they are being honest with the public. Don’t know of a soul whose knowledge trumps experienced people hired for decisions they make every day.

    Didn’t we go through this dumbassery several years ago?


    • Don’t know of a soul whose knowledge trumps experienced people hired for decisions they make every day. Ain’t that the truth. Do you mind if I put that on poster? I have clients that need to see it. 😉


  8. Cosmic Dawg

    I appreciate the questions of timing and rhythm, etc, but I’m not as convinced we only have to have one person who’s “the guy” at QB this year.

    I do agree the tightness issue is pretty big. I think if the competition goes on for another week, Richt should tell his #1 and #2 that they’re both going to receive some significant playing time all year unless one of them has several bad games in a row. Depending on how they do, it may be 50/50 this week and 80/20 next week, but one bad game isn’t going to put them on the pine.

    With a competition so close, I think you risk demoralizing your #2 if it’s a winner take all scenario.


  9. Go Dawgs!

    I strongly disagree with anyone who thinks that not naming a quarterback before the opener is going to be some sort of big advantage for Georgia. The first two teams on the schedule are incapable of beating UGA, regardless of who takes snaps. Yes, I know Vanderbilt has beaten us before and in somewhat recent memory. That was a different Vandy program.

    Point being, the first team on the schedule capable of beating us is South Carolina in week 3 and they’re very capable of beating us. By the time the Gamecocks get to Athens, they’re going to know exactly who our quarterback is (or who our quarterbacks are, God forbid). The only things they may not know are a few stylistic wrinkles Coach Schott brings to the table. Georgia’s not going to be fooling anybody. We’re fooling ourselves, however, if we try to convince ourselves that this situation as it is unfolding is a good thing. Coach Richt dearly wants someone to step up and take this job. Nobody has. Right now we’ve got two guys who couldn’t take the job away from Hutson Mason last year and a guy who lost his starting job at Virginia. Let’s hope that Ramsey settles in and proves competent. If he’s competent, then the rest of the offense can do the rest.


  10. Brandon

    Just because we don’t know and Richt tells the media he doesn’t know doesn’t mean that he, the team, or the staff in fact, does not know. He’s always smug with the media and public, thats how this team has been run for years. Truthfully its no one outside of the coaches and anyone in a Bulldawg uniform’s business right now who the number 1 guy is. The media gets to watch what? 15 minutes of practice that we draw all of our conclusions from? I’ll worry about it if our offense is sputtering on Sept 5 against ULM


  11. Chadwick

    If you think that article be Legge speaks “volumes” you are engaging in some serious tea leaf reading. Second week of camp, three guys wanting to be the guy, a great HC for QB’s that has done this before with great success, and a team built to help a QB. Chill.


  12. This is gonna make the coaches in the stands even more unbearable than they already are. I can already hear the high pitched male voices now. Damn….


  13. “Just run the dauum baw, Richt!”
    “My 10 year old boy can throw better than that”
    Just run the dauum baw, Richt”


  14. kckd

    It certainly appears they are trying to give GL every possible chance to win the position. To me, there is nothing about the way this has been handled to suggest Ramsey is the guy other than him being put no. 1 on the depth chart after spring. And heck, even MR had to make sure people understood he was 1a, not solely 1.


  15. Big Ol cup of STFU

    is all PSYOPs dudes. chill. CMR knows who he is starting. the cover of a competition allows him to frustrate the other D cords as well. (Not that any of this matters anyway, there still isn’t an SEC qb in the bunch to begin with).


  16. dudemankind

    IMHO, the best scenario is that Lambert is progressing in the system quickly and has caused them to hold up naming a starter until he has had an opportunity to hit a certain benchmark.


  17. Brent

    Good thing we’ve got LaM up first! Remember Clemson 2002? Shockley and Greene …..Everything worked out great then. Hopefully the starter won’t matter by week 3! Hoping of course, the Dawgs can beat Vandy in Nashville!


  18. Spence

    Why on earth do you think there’s any reasonable possibility any of these QBs will be as effective as Mason? Mason was certainly effective if not efficient, despite his lack of a deep ball.

    The guy who is prob going to start couldn’t beat Mason out. And the other guys can’t beat Ramsey out. I just don’t see any way our quarterback play stays up to pace with last year.


    • Believe it or not, players improve from season to season sometimes. So whether or not Ramsey or Bauta could beat out Mason last year isn’t necessarily an indication of their success this year.