Dawgged pursuit

I guess you could say Jeremy Pruitt sees something he really, really likes in Rico McGraw.

“Coach Pruitt was the first person to ever offer me while he was at Alabama,” McGraw said of the former Alabama secondary coach who saw McGraw after his freshman season at a 7-on-7 camp in Tuscaloosa. “When he made the transition to Florida State, he offered me there. I always wanted to play for coach Pruitt. …One day I finally decided to follow my heart and I ended up here with coach Pruitt.”

It’s nice to be wanted.


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8 responses to “Dawgged pursuit

  1. Serious commitment to one coach. It’s kinda weird how some commit to a man and others commit to a school. There are potential positives and negatives to both. I wonder if he would have followed him had Pruitt taken a HC position at, say, East Carolina.


  2. JG Shellnutt

    If JP likes him, so do I.


  3. Cosmic Dawg

    CJP is a talent scout!


  4. shane#1

    Yep, and a five string is pretty rare in itself, unless the guitar is a banjo.


    • Uglydawg

      What I find amazing is that you guys don’t have any problem with a horse playing a guitar and wearing a six-shooter, but are fascinated by the way the thing is strung.


  5. Ben

    With a name like “Rico McGraw,” you better be a ball hawk in the secondary.