The wit and wisdom of Lorenzo Carter

He’s obviously bucking for the prestigious spot in GTP‘s QOTD, and who am I to deny him when he says this?

… Bellamy, a sophomore, has earned snaps in his own right.

“He’s been doing great,” Carter said. “I’ve been cheering him on. He’s moving along, and the more outside linebackers that we have that are game-ready then the less snaps we have to take, destroying our body.”

So he’s cool with sitting?

“Yeah, I’m cool with being fresh,” Carter said. “Fresh legs means more sacks. More sacks means more money.”



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15 responses to “The wit and wisdom of Lorenzo Carter

  1. Zo has a chance to be the best player on the team this year, and that includes our Heisman candidate. I’m ready to see #7 bust some heads.


  2. Ed Kilgore

    Sorry to change the subject, but unless I somehow missed it or it was buried in a comment thread, you didn’t talk today about Bill Connelly’s UGA preview at SBNation. He had a pretty good refutation of the various non-Dawn scenarios for the East, and additional documentation of the weirdness of last year’s Jax game, and lots of other fun stuff.


    • Ed Kilgore

      Excuse me, I meant non-Dawg scenarios. My wife’s named Dawn, and she’s a huge Dawg fan, so you can understand the mistake.

      And for the record, I’m excited about Lorenzo Carter’s season, too!


    • I’m saving that for tomorrow, Ed.


      • Ed Kilgore

        Looking forward to it. When it got down to three teams left in his “128-team preview,” I finally lost patience and tweeted Bill to ask him exactly when the UGA preview would appear. He’s obviously doing it by projected F/+ rank within each conference, but I couldn’t stand the possibility that I would fail to read it the moment it appeared.

        Yeah, the season really does need to get here already.


      • IndyDawg

        I stumbled upon Bill’s preview late yesterday. I’m looking forward to your take on his work and the comments of my fellow frequent guests at GTP.


  3. Cojones

    Then I’ll respect both your intentions and wait until tomorrow to read it with others here.

    Funny how philosophically Zo takes disciplinary punishment by looking at the entire picture , enjoys the body-saving reprieve and places it all into a positive bag that his D Coach preaches about defense. Just to have fun, he posts a couple of sacks on the second teamer QB(?). That lets Pruitt know that Zo forgives him and waits to go into the game and beat the living crap out of a bunch of hapless QBs anytime Pruitt points and says “Thud!”.

    Is it kinky to say you love his Dawg heart?


  4. doofusdawg

    I really don’t know what to make of this. Bellamy is not going to start over Floyd at olb. If Carter needs to sit then that solves our problem of getting all three olb’s on the field at once. Either Floyd is disappointing at ilb or Carter is in need of a reset… or both.


  5. the Georgia way

    More sacks more Money? Time to pre-emptively suspend Carter and place ourselves on probation.


    • ApalachDawg

      And to make it more fair to our opponents, Greg has ordered our starting D to sit as well


    • Macallanlover

      Odds on his being in Athens for four years just got substantially longer after those comments. I understand the realities and economics of leaving early but having players with one year under their belt talking openly about it in pre-season is somewhat of a downer. Really like Zo and his effort on the field but let’s talk about winning the East first; that is also a likely consequence of fresh legs.


    • Dolly Llama

      Some other football commenters elsewhere agree with you:


    • Skeptic Dawg's Better Half

      Sarcastic me was thinking he was brilliantly ambiguous enough to make us wonder whether he’s meaning from well-heeled donors or team owners, which brings definitely brilliance to earn him the QOTD honor in my book!

      GATA Zo!