Shotgun! Shoot em for he runs now…

By request, here’s a link to a Mark Richt story about Brandon Kublanow’s evolving shotgun snap over at Bulldog Illustrated you’ll get a kick out of.

I’ve been trying to figure out how he figured out how to do it. I don’t know if this is true or not; apparently, he got on the internet and started looking at different ways of shotgun snapping it. Somebody had some video on that technique, and he started using it. I became a believer in about 2 practices.

You underestimate the power of the Intertubes at your peril, friends.


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17 responses to “Shotgun! Shoot em for he runs now…

  1. I am pretty certain that is how this guy did it too.


  2. mwo

    So I guess there really is a reason Al Gore was born.


  3. Ask Linda dot com is a fabulous resource…;)


  4. CannonDawg

    If answers to all the small things that are ailing the team could be found on YouTube videos, then wouldn’t the big things take care of themselves? And if so, wouldn’t our 4.4% chance of running the table suddenly flip?

    I can see it now: “Chubb, Kublanow, and YouTube – The Inside Story of Georgia’s 2015 Championship Season”


  5. Mike

    I enjoyed the musical interlude for other reasons; a good Buddy and me are going to shoot some sporting clays today


  6. Chuck

    I just love Jr. Walker – reminds me of the HS days in my Chevy convertible and 8-track cassette with that saxophone wailing. Good times.

    Reading between the lines, Kublanow’s attitude is impressive. Lots of little things made me think he’d be the best “QB of the line” but in the spring it sounded like he was an experiment that didn’t work so he was 3rd team behind Wynn and Long. I didn’t know the reason, but he did, and he figured out a way to solve it. Good for him and the team.


  7. A shotgun hike that slowly turns end over end requires a qb to keep his eye on that snap. I hope Hunter Long practices that snap technique … just in case. I remember what happened at Florida when our center went down.

    Only a matter of time before this came up. Dif was a Navy guy who has never been to Koza. So probably missed this chapter.


  8. DugLite

    This might be the video he watched


  9. Hey! Someone actually reads what I have to say. Lol!

    That’s good stuff for sure. The part about CMR losing sleep summed it up for me. I’m sure that and the QB situation have aged him, though, I tend to think Coach may be embellishing a little since many centers grab it by the nose and flip it like that. Most centers who played the position in high school learn to “pass” it because most high school centers are also long snappahs and you HAVE to pass it there.

    I still stand by my thought that Kublanow will be all-SEC. He has the physical and mental capacity and the center build.


  10. Mike

    Shot at a bunch of innocent clay pigeons. Half lived. Drank whiskey afterword. Smoked cigars.