This “football mission” isn’t something Mark Richt does.

Images: AP/iStock.

A MRAP is mine resistant ambush protected vehicle.  For some reason, the Pentagon thinks it’s a good idea to give them to every Tom, Dick and police chief out there with an itch for one.

Like this college police department, for example (h/t).

And the Ohio State University Police Department asked for an armored vehicle to assist with “football missions.” (The Pentagon gave Ohio State an MRAP in September 2013, and school police deployed it to football games, the department told a student newspaper, so as to have a “presence.”)

I am truly amazed we haven’t seen one of these bad boys in Athens.  Yet.


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23 responses to “This “football mission” isn’t something Mark Richt does.

  1. Chadwick

    Yep, the Pentagon is into the good works program. Sheesh. It’s great when other folks pay your bills.


  2. OSU PD needs one to protect Urban Meyer’s ego


  3. No one is more concerned about the militarization of our local police than I am. I’ve been bitching about police in military camo for years because I think it confuses and intentionally misleads citizens in to believing that there is no such thing as Posse Comitatus, leading a more servile citizenry, That being said these things exist and I’d probably rather have one in Ferguson ,MIZZOU than in the Western providence of Iraq where they will quickly become the property of ISIS. It is a tricky balancing act. You don’t need this behemoth 99.99% of the time but when you do it sure would be nice to have one. Along the theme of this blog I would not be even be a tiny bit surprised if Croach Miyers show up to a game/practice in this sumbitch.


    • Chadwick

      I’d rather have them moth-balled than handed out to local police. The absurd uses for these things given by those that want them reeks of look at our new toy….and we should all be concerned about further militarization of our civilian police and law enforcement. The more they become beholden to the Federal government the less they have to answer to the citizens they actually serve.


    • South FL Dawg

      IMO those things should be the sole possession of military and special forces, not the local PD, despite however drunk and obnoxious those Bucknut fans get. Sheeeeeeeesh.


  4. JT (the other one)

    OMG! I almost spit my coffee out as I read this.
    I am not sure of what mines will go off at a football game in Columbus that an MRAP is needed for. Having worked the acquisition cycle for the DOD (SOCOM and the Marine Corps specifically),whenever something like this is handed over to civil authorities there is a process that must be followed —by law. During this process MANY of the stake holders and others at multiple levels are given the opportunity to comment and agree/disagree with the divesting of a 250K vehicle. I can only imagine the way this was spun to start this process. A general officer or civilian equivalent MUST sign off on these type things. So there you go…Corch Meyers the ultimate spin master who now works at spin master U.


    • Irishdawg

      JT maybe you can answer this for me; why would DOD get rid of these in the first place? It seems to me we just might need MRAPs in the future, why dump so many off to police departments? When I was in the Army, we could barely get the Humvees to run; now we’ve got so many MRAPs we can just give them away?


  5. Scorpio Jones, III

    Considering the historical player development track record of the football coach in Columbus, jonesing on an MRAP might not be a bad thing for campus cops.


  6. truck

    I foresee one of these on the field in Jacksonville after the game this year.


  7. Crowell#1234

    Hell I want one.


    • Me, too. It would be fun to ride around the neighborhood and through the fields with. I bet it drinks fuel like a thirsty OL drinks power-aid and water.

      Maybe, the military is expecting a lot of the middle-east immigrants that we are helping to flood in, to bring some of their IED training with them. I understand our immigration policies less than I understand the military vehicles to police programs.


  8. Macon Dawg

    My god…imagine one of these falling into Jimmy Williamson’s hands.


  9. Bulldog Joe

    There you are, emerging from Reed Alley on your scooter, and out pops one of these…


    • AthensHomerDawg

      I see Blake is still trying to tinkle in Denson’s oatmeal. And I thought when the Banana Herald cut him lose he’d drift into California where his writing talents could better serve.


  10. Rex

    ACPD has one. I saw it on Prince Ave. last week.


  11. Cousin Eddie

    They should give them to females in Tallahassee, maybe they could protect themselves from the players then.


  12. Aw, let the cops have their toys. I’ve never had a run in with the cops because I don’t give them a reason to f with me. And I assure you if I’m ever in a situation an one of those bad mofo’s drives up, I’m getting the hell out of there.


  13. AusDawg85

    Pretty sure no one will be parking in Corch’s space again.