Ayy! Number Onnee! You’re the Duke! You’re the Duke!

The rehabilitation at Auburn isn’t going smoothly, it seems.

D’haquille Williams didn’t see the end of Saturday’s scrimmage at Jordan-Hare Stadium.

Two days after his return to the practice field, Williams was seen being taken out of the stadium on a golf cart before the second scrimmage of preseason camp ended.

Auburn head coach Gus Malzahn attempted to downplay the situation claiming the senior receiver didn’t get banged up during the 100-play scrimmage.

“I don’t believe he left,” Malzahn said. “We took him out. He was out there. He got to play some.”

Gus wants to make it clear we all know who’s in charge.

I’m sure ongoing turmoil surrounding your best offensive player is no big deal, though.


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11 responses to “Ayy! Number Onnee! You’re the Duke! You’re the Duke!

  1. Dolly Llama

    Has it ever been said, clearly, what the kid did?


  2. simpl_matter

    If Snake Plissken was driving that golf cart, sh*ts about to get real at the barn…


  3. JCDAWG83

    I guess when your team is made up of parolees, criminals on probation and street thugs who haven’t been arrested yet, there’s a chance you might have some problems at some point.


  4. DugLite

    Escape from Awbarn!!!!


  5. Bulldog Joe

    “There wasn’t no altercation, there wasn’t no arguments, so we can stop the speculation.”

    “We just took him up to BB&T.”


  6. Cojones

    The downside of not enforcing your own stated player discipline program is to incur the disrespect of the player that eventually transfers to the team. As has been mentioned before, fake discipline only gets you big headaches. Hope the hypocrite enjoys it now because it will get worse. Lawson doesn’t appear to have recovered fully from last year. Couple the real injury to Lawson and the “maybe” slightly twisted ankle of “Sour dough” Williams and this could make their first games even more suspect before they ever get to some hard pullin’ in their schedule.


  7. What fresh Hell is this?

    “It’s a certain standard that we have here at Auburn University and as far as the way we’re going to practice and being accountable, and that’s it,”

    I’m guessing the Auburn “standard” for a six game practice suspension is a rape and an armed robbery rolled into one.


  8. Cojones

    Mind telling everyone what the quotes in your title depict? It looks like a punch line to a joke or someone meeting John Wayne.