Playing the hand you’re dealt.

Possibly coming soon, to an Alabama sideline near you…

(Mike Kittrell/

But, though Nick Saban didn’t commit Alabama to being a hurry-up team again, they’re dabbling in the play card business. Players referenced their use in the spring and a few were used in the open practice Aug. 9 in Bryant-Denny Stadium. Unlike other teams that divide the posters with multiple pictures, Alabama’s appeared to have one prominent image on each sign. One was the helmet of the Miami Dolphins, Saban’s employer from 2004-06.

Saban said the signs resulted from meetings with coaches from Ohio State, TCU and others who use no-huddle offenses. The idea was to minimize communication.

“We felt like last year we were kind of learning how to be a no-huddle team on the run because of the personnel we had,” Saban said. “We thought it was best suited for Blake (Sims), and we’ve talked about that many times before, but we didn’t go in with the idea that we were going to be a no-huddle team.

“So we visited a lot of people during the offseason to try and come up with the best system – Kansas, Washington, a lot of people that go no-huddle ― It’s just a methodology of how some people get formations and plays in the game.”

Man, Nick Saban, I don’t know you anymore.

At least they shouldn’t have any trouble finding somebody to hold up the signs – if there isn’t someone on the payroll now for that, they’ll get one.


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11 responses to “Playing the hand you’re dealt.

  1. They could have one of the many 4 and 5 star Bama players that will never see the field, hold the signs.


  2. CannonDawg

    The Bama players will get 3 credit hours in Communication Studies. Saban doesn’t miss anything.


  3. Scorpio Jones, III

    Will Kirby have a towel?


  4. So this IS what he wants college football to become. 🙂


  5. Wouldn’t it be GRAND if Saban came to Athens and got beat down by an offensive system that he turned away from?

    Its off season, I can dream right?


  6. Saban is no fool. If he thinks it will help his team win, he changes his tune. Hypocrite?…maybe. But, he is always moving in the direction of wins and success. Laugh now, but he is ready for the upcoming season when he gets in a shoot out.


  7. Spike

    “..Kansas..” ? Whaaaat?


  8. I hope one of those signs reads “Player Safety”