Schottenheimer meets SEC speed.

One thing he’s getting used to in Athens:  his players are more familiar with hurry-up no-huddle play than he is.

“This is as fast as I’ve ever been around. These guys are obviously used to it. It’s pretty impressive to tell you the truth,” Schottenheimer said. “So I’m very pleased with it. Again, they’re used to it. I’m the one that’s new. Tempo has been very good.”

That isn’t to say that the hurry-up element of the Bulldogs attack is going to be the norm. Under Schottenheimer the UGA offense will continue to be multiple.

Both in formation/scheme and how he chooses to attack defenses with temp.

“We do a little bit of both,” Schottenheimer said when asked about running and up-tempo offense. “With the starting players we have some tempo packages that we like and when we go tempo, we go pretty fast.”

If you’re looking for an area of change resulting from the offensive coordinator transition, this may be one to watch.  Will Georgia run as much HUNH in 2015 as it did in 2014?



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2 responses to “Schottenheimer meets SEC speed.

  1. As long as we run tempo at the right times, I want us to do as much as possible. After a long run to the 1 where your star running back is winded is not one of those times.


  2. Cousin Eddie

    Wait until he sees the team from the plains, there o-line is 7 yards up field before the play is over so they can line up for the next play.