“We’ll make the decision when we feel like it’s the right time to make the decision.”

Gee, I wonder what decision Brian Schottenheimer’s referring to there.  He does manage a pretty good crack about having been in a multiple quarterback situation (“I was around it in college, obviously, playing for the Ol’ Ball Coach.”), but what’s of greater interest is what he claims to be looking for in his eventual starter:

“You want to see a guy that can move the team. Obviously we feel very good that we’re going to be able to run the football. We want guys that can throw completions. But when the opportunity presents itself, we want them to push it and go make plays. We have good skill players, so certainly they don’t have to make the perfect throw every time. But, again, what I’m used to is consistent play at quarterback. And that’s certainly what they’ve had here, a guy who takes care of the football.

“The big thing for the whole offense, and that includes the quarterbacks, is consistency. We can’t make a great play and then take a step back. We need to have multiple good practices, multiple good periods together. That’s when you know you’re becoming a good offense.”

So, it’s a playmaker who doesn’t have to be perfect, but has to be consistent that he wants.  Well, hell, don’t we all?

What he says he doesn’t want is a game manager.

“I hate the term manage the game. We’re not looking for that. We want a guy that can go out and make plays as well. Certainly there’s going to be a lot of vertical elements to what we do. At the end of the day their job is to move the team and score points.”

Now obviously how big a grain of salt you want to take with that is a matter of taste.  I don’t read that as an endorsement of, say, the kind of play Bobo got out of Hutson Mason last year, but Schottenheimer prefaced that remark by complimenting Mason for having been someone who “goes out and takes care of the football.”

My interpretation, for what it’s worth, is that this all sounds consistent with what I think I’ve heard from Richt ever since last season concluded.  The coaches want the bullet of a deep passing game in their holster, but aren’t crazy enough to risk everything for that.  There’s a cost benefit analysis being run every day with the three quarterback candidates.  It’s up to one of them to make a convincing case that he’s worth taking that risk.  If we take the coaches at face value on this, nobody to date has made that case.



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  1. Gastr1

    And you can’t have a mistake at QB kill a drive/turn the ball over when you’re a ground-oriented team, too. “Consistency” and “move the team” mean when we have a 10-play drive, you made the right plays on your 3-4 passes within that drive and not made two good plays and then threw the ball out of bounds on 4th down. Or worse.


  2. W Cobb Dawg

    “…At the end of the day their job is to move the team and score points.”

    Hallelujah!! For years it would drive me nuts when CMB would say the goal was “balance”. No, the goal is to score points. Well said, Schotty!


    • WCD, +1 – I remember in the Boise game we come flying down the field just running the ball directly at them early in the 2nd half. Then, CMB decides to go spread and 3 wide, and we either get sacked or throw 3 straight incompletions.

      He learned the lesson that balance isn’t run/pass mix. It’s the ability to be confident that run or pass is going to work regardless of down, distance & field position. The perfect example was on the goal line against USCe, we go play-action to the fullback to Hicks in the flat on 1st down and completely catch the Cocks by surprise. Two plays later we run the FB dive when everyone in the building thought TG3II was going to get the ball and Hicks rumbles for 12-15 yards. Around that time, SOS took off the headphones because he knew they had no answer and weren’t likely to get the ball back.


    • That’s a complaint that is a few years old. We didn’t see much of that the past few years when our offense was running up big numbers. I really think Bobo grew out of that philosophy, so I’m glad to see Schotty doesn’t seem to have the same learning hurtle to jump through.


  3. So far ESPN has picked Lambert. I am leaning toward Bauta.
    Nobody seems to pick Ramsey. Eason is still a commitment..
    The coaches would like to keep Ramsey on the Team, Go Figure ?


  4. Another game manager/ball protector gets us maybe 10 wins and another trip to a mid level bowl. I’ve recently watched replays from a couple of our games and Mason’s inability to stretch the field really hindered us at times. Bobo’s playing was clearly hampered with Mason at QB. He didn’t turn the ball over mostly because Bobo didn’t ask much of him like he has past QBs.

    We don’t have to have a Heisman winner but we need someone who can be a threat with the deep play action pass. Being a masochist, I finally watched a replay of the Tech game last night. Lord help me….


    • 69Dawg

      You know I’ve watched the same games and while Mason was a little slow on the draw, it was the WR’s not getting open that hurt more. We run the same routes as most teams but our WR’s do not get separation. Every throw seems to have to be perfect because the WR is covered. We need to have a WR that demands double coverage. Maybe this year one of these freshman will be the man.


      • Wide receivers not getting separation was something I heard a number of times last year, but i think part of it was Mason not having the means to stick it there when there was separation.

        The bomb to Conley in the bowl game is an example of when Mason did do this however. Dipshit play color commentator said only a few plays later that Georgias recievers were having problems getting separation, to which I yelled at the TV “except for the 5 yards of separation Conley just got in the touchdown”. I am continually struck by how color commentators are unable to adapt their pre canned talking points to the reality of what is going on in the football field.


      • I agree that the WRs sometimes struggled with that, as most do from time to time. Still doesn’t change the fact that Mason never real showed much of an arm. In the Tech game, Mitchell has great position on one of our bread as butter deep PA down the sideline and Mason couldn’t get it.

        He was a decent QB when our running game was clicking but when that struggles, as it did in the 2nd half of that game, Mason wasn’t gonna save us. He was forced to make plays and we know how that turned out.


    • PTC DAWG

      I have never understood gluttons for punishment.


  5. BCDawg97

    I guess I’d ask how “consistent” can anyone be if you have to take reps with the 2nd and 3rd team OL? Obviously that’s how the reps have to be spread around but I’m not sure why there wouldn’t be enough “data” when they are running with the 1s to sort of say who’s actually emerging as the #1. If they aren’t able to separate themselves when running with the 1s, perhaps we have issues. If it is just a matter of the coaches pushing the kids to keep playing, dangling the carrot so to speak, that’s fine. I’m just ready for Sept 5.


  6. sUGArdaddy

    I think Ramsey and Lambert see about equal time vs. Monroe and the leader emerges in Nashville. That’s not a bad thing. We’ve got to see who can play while the bullets are flying.

    I think the coaches have made up their minds (rightfully so) that we’ve got to have a guy that can go win us a game. At some point, some team will shut down our running game for a half or game. We’ve GOT to be able the beat them through the air.


    • Sounds like a plan.

      My own intuition tells me that they want it to be Ramsey but maybe he just isn’t there yet with the decision making and/or deep ball accuracy? I think Bauta is making the best decisions but doesn’t have the arm talent to stretch the field and Lambert has the stretch the field component they are seeking but he is not making the right decisions in the intermediate passing game?

      Hell I don’t know – this could all be a dodge by the coaching staff anyway and they just don’t want to give any useful information to opponents before the season starts. It probably doesn’t matter that much anyway, we should be able to win the Monroe game with a comfortable score so all three can play. Then just have decided #1 QB when we go to Nashville.


      • My own intuition tells me that they want it to be Ramsey but maybe he just isn’t there yet with the decision making and/or deep ball accuracy?

        That’s always been the way I’ve seen this race as well. I think the coaches would love nothing more than for him to just take the reins and prove himself as THE GUY, but hasn’t been able to. I wonder how much the high school offense he ran is still holding him back on things like footwork and progressions that Richt requires from his QB.


  7. Bright Idea

    Could it be all 3 of them are pretty good? How dare we even dream of that.


    • They are all good but at specific things. One can run, one has an arm and one makes good decisions. To get somewhere special you need ONE guy with two of those qualities.


      • Cosmic Dawg

        From what we’ve heard, wouldn’t you say one can run and make good decisions, and other two have “the arm”?


        • Yes, and there is the problem. This offense needs the guys with the arms to make good decisions. I actually enjoy seeing a team use an athletic QB’s abilities but we just don’t do that. We let DJ a little. Murray had some decent wheels but that got shut down.


    • Well that would be very The Ohio State University of us, wouldn’t it?


  8. Scorpio Jones, III

    What they don’t, probably won’t, talk about is loosely defined as the “IT” factor…no relation to Bluto’s IT Department.

    They are waiting for someone to make them believe. There are hints at this from the pronouncements. Coaches at this level count steps, count throws here and there, read the stats, sure and the ultimate decision depends on all that, plus the ability of the candidate to make his coach confident he can do the job.

    Either nobody has done that or they all have done that.

    Hey, reading about a quarterback race is damn sure more fun than reading about the futha escapades of Mudcat’s hooptie.


  9. 69Dawg

    No matter who they choose the fans will have a whole year to raise hell. The most popular man on the team is the second string QB.


  10. Dog in Fla

    But apart from jump-starting Wuerffel against USL, what has Young Schotty ever done for OBC?



  11. paul

    I honestly can’t imagine Lambert ever seeing the field except in mop up duty. Inconsistency was his calling card at Virginia. My read on this is that they would prefer Ramsey assert himself but Bauta is making it difficult for them to justify that desire. If they had to pick tomorrow I think it’s Bauta.


    • sUGArdaddy

      I wouldn’t be so quick on the trigger with Lambert. He threw 59% completions and an INT ever 24 throws as a sophomore. Murray threw 59% completions and an INT ever 28 throws as a sophomore. Lambert had to do that with UVa talent on O (and D) along with UVa coaching. Murray did that with UGA coaching, Crowell at RB, MItchell & TK at WR, and Jarvis and Ogletree on defense. Yes, Murray played against better talent each Saturday, but the point is that Murray got better. Lambert just might get better, too.


      • Just Chuck (The Other One)

        No question in my mind that Lambert has the talent to be good at the position. Not an original thought but, I wonder if his grasp of the offense is good enough for him to play consistently well.


      • Macallanlover

        The numbers are right but the missing factoid in this relates to the quality of defenses and speed Murray and Lambert were throwing against. I am not anti-Lambert at all, if he is the best choice I am behind him with no reservations, but my gut says it is a Ramsey/Bauta call. Just win, Baby!


  12. JCDAWG83

    I think a lot of the fans really want Ramsey, they are in love with the strong arm but blind to everything else about his play. The coaches have a much more objective view of the competition.

    Ramsey was 4 of 9 with 1 int in the bowl game, not exactly confidence inspiring numbers. Every time I’ve seen him in a game situation, he has tried to force balls, but he tries to force them with a lot of velocity. Bauta seems to make better decisions and adds the run option to the qb position but doesn’t have a cannon for an arm. Lambert, I really don’t know, his numbers at Virginia aren’t good and no one has seen him on the field at practice.

    We’ll see.


    • Bauta seems to make better decisions….

      In all seriousness, where do you get this idea that Bauta is some great decision maker / goes through his progressions better than the other QB’s? Stellar performance against plain vanilla defense at G-Day? Bauta has attempted five career passes in true, meaningful live action. Both were in blow out mop-up duty against Charleston Southern and Troy last year. I have no clue who will be the QB and don’t have a dog in this fight, but Bauta’s ability to play at this level is pure speculation on your end. He might be great, he might not – but you have next to zero evidence of this right now.


    • And to clarify – that’s not to say that he won’t be the guy, I just don’t think that you can call him a better decision maker / more qualified than either of the other two guys based on the body of work (small sample sizes and whatnot).


  13. I force my balls every day


  14. Big Ol cup of STFU

    This guy just went total Phil Jackson Zen master. What he really said was this..

    .“someone please step up and be a guy that can move the team. Somebody, please just throw completions. Can anyone on this roster push it and go make plays? Can anyone get it to our skill players? ”


    “We don’t have any consistency in our quarterbacks. We can’t make a great play and then take a step back. Someone needs to just put together two good practices in a row, for crying out loud That’s when you know you’re becoming a good offense.”


    • Well, it’s like Baseball. Three or four outstanding pitches probably won’t win the game, OTOH, 3 or 4 lousy pitches can likely lose the game.

      If it stays this way – they will go with the running QB IMO.