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Rub some dirt on it and get back in there, kid.

Justin Scott-Wesley has a knee sprain and intends to gut it out.


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Schultz gonna Schultz.

If you want to know why Georgia fans are on occasion frustrated with the AJ-C, here’s Exhibit “A”.


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I don’t think “bold predictions” means what you think it means.

From Kevin Causey’s Georgia preview:

5 Bold Predictions

5. Georgia will lose to somebody it shouldn’t.

In 2014 it was Florida. In 2013 it was Vanderbilt. Georgia has had some slip-ups that have cost the Dawgs a chance at something bigger. This year the schedule is laid out pretty well for an SEC East title run. That being said, games at Tennessee, against Missouri, and Florida represent possible slip-ups for the Dawgs.

Quite frankly, I think it’s a bigger stretch these days to call for Georgia not to lose to some team it shouldn’t.  It’s the new 3-18.


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This ought to be great for game day traffic.

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate tailgating in Athens during election years?


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Turn out the lights, Frat Beach.

Glynn County commissioners are expected to make the World’s Largest Cocktail Party a little smaller.


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“There’s not a day, not a rep that goes by that we don’t emphasize turnovers…”

Seth Emerson asks the $64,000 question:

The Bulldogs had a plus-16 turnover margin last year, the program’s best since 1982. It was the best margin in the SEC, the fourth-best in the nation.

Can it be maintained, or even improved upon, in 2015?

All those great stats from last season regarding offensive efficiency stemmed from what a +16 will do for a team, particularly more offensive chances and better field position.

The Dawgs only lost once last season when they were positive on turnovers (South Carolina – don’t get me started).  And they lost the only game in which they finished in the red in that department (Georgia Tech).

There is a random element to turnovers, largely with regard to fumble recoveries, but there is some aspect that can be controlled to an extent.  Here’s what Georgia’s turnover margin has looked like over the past seven seasons:

  • 2014:  plus-16
  • 2013:  minus-7
  • 2012:  plus-11
  • 2011:  plus-7
  • 2010:  plus-10
  • 2009:  minus-16
  • 2008:  minus-3

No, it’s not an answer to everything.  Last year’s margin didn’t get Georgia to the SECCG.  (Maybe we need to track a brain fart margin.)  But I would argue it’s a big deal for a team that’s set up like Georgia is this season.


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If Mike Bobo were still at Georgia today…

… do you think we’d know the identity of the starting quarterback?

Mike Bobo knows the ability to make plays trumps over decision-making in the end. It’s something he’s seeing and balancing in his first camp at Colorado State.

“A guy can grade 90 percent defensively and is not productive. He’s making a play one out of 45 snaps. He’s doing his job, but not making plays. Same thing offensively. A guy might know what to do, but he’s not making plays. … I don’t care if they know 1/10th of the playbook. If they’re playmakers and can change the game, we’ve got to find a way to get them on the field, as coaches.”


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