The Montana Project often works in mysterious ways.

This is too good not to share.  (Click to embiggen.)

The story behind that picture comes from GTP reader and Lexicon contributor Trey:

Anyway, I’m a missionary in Thailand, and have lived in Bangkok for the past 3 years, but now we’re up in the north of Thailand.  Several times during my 3 years in Bankgok, I saw UGA gear (coffee cups, t-shirts, etc.), but the best that I saw was this lawn chair in a street-market near the Grand Palace.  I actually saw 3 of these in 3 separate places in Bangkok during my time there, but I only had my camera for this one…but rest assured, I now own a smart phone, so it won’t happen again. So, if you can use this to update the Montana project…feel free.  I’m happy to send you updates of Dawg sightings from the (very far) east.

Stewart Mandel may need to broaden his horizons.



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18 responses to “The Montana Project often works in mysterious ways.

  1. Gratifying on a Montana Project level but not surprising since S.W.A.G. is produced almost exclusively with the blood, toil, sweat, and tears of small yellow children.


    • So I suppose I should stop buying UGA S.W.A.G. so these yellow children will not have to produce using their blood,toil, sweat and tears? That situation will get all better when they don’t get paid and don’t get to eat. Sounds like China’s and Thailand’s problem not mine. Lighten up Francis.( Did I get that in the right context 81?)


      • Lighten up, Francine. Buy ‘Merican. Preferably union made.


        • Macallanlover

          Yes, we should overthrow competent, successful people and turn it over to people dumb enough to throw the money they work for to greedy union thugs who help sink those companies and drive them out of business. Nothing like tolerating incompetence, laziness, and low standards to support a new level of masters with along history of losing in the marketplace. Look for the union label, then buy something else based on quality with your money.


  2. JCDAWG83

    I have wondered before, with some amusement, what the Chinese factory workers producing all the US college logo stuff must think about the product. I think about what US workers would think if they were making thousands of chairs, hats, flags, magnets, etc with large Chinese alphabet symbols on them.


  3. 81Dog


    first thought that popped into my mind. Maybe McGarity is planning on starting a muay thai boxing program.


  4. Ginny

    When I was traveling in Germany I saw a guy in a small German town wearing a Georgia shirt. I got so excited and ran up to him and asked him if he liked the dawgs. He didn’t speak a lick of English and had no idea what shirt he had on. Oh well.


    • TDawg5

      Same thing happened to me in the Dominican Republic last month, Some Guy had a Georgia G “Holiday” tshirt on. I had my Georgia Hat on. He spoke no English bur recognized the common symbol and gave me a High 5.


  5. Go Dawgs!

    I’m not sure the “Georgia Bulldogs 2012 SEC Champions” t-shirts that you might see around Thailand count, though.


  6. DC Weez

    The Georgia Virus is everywhere! Years ago my family was visiting the walled city Carcassonne in France. As they were walking down the main street, they stopped at a shop that sold upscale post cards. Among the post cards of lavender fields and sunflowers were post cards of UGA V. My family bought one and sent it to me from France. Maybe we should rename Dawgnation as Dawgworld.


  7. Reservoir Dawg

    Look for the Facebook scene in “Catastrophe” streaming on Amazon. It’s a Britcom. The hero’s ex-girlfriend takes up with a Dawgfan. He’s rockin’ the G in a profile pic.


  8. Jim Stewart

    I see Bulldog paraphernalia fairly often in Germany, France, and Switzerland. Usually it’s a German- or French-speaking guy who has only a vague idea of who the “Dogs are. They typically speak English at least “a little.”

    But I did run into a guy at the Louvre who turned out to be principal at a Hall County high school, an Army guy stationed here in Germany visiting Neuschwanstein, and a young lady at Haut-Kœnigsbourg in Alsace who asked me “Where y’all from?”