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Dawg porn here! Get ‘yer fresh, hot Dawg porn!

Check out this smoove, one-handed catch from Terry Godwin.

My Gawd, a freshman.  I need a cold shower.



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A new term for a new age

Is Donald Remy moving a cherished NCAA expression into the 21st century?  And why?  Maybe we’ll never know.

Did the NCAA quietly change its signature term “student-athlete” to “college athlete?” Allie Grasgreen, a higher education reporter at Politico Pro, astutely raised that question on Twitter after the NCAA’s statement this week on the Northwestern union decision. NCAA chief legal officer Donald Remy made six references to “college athletes” in his Aug. 17 statement after calling them “student-athletes” seven times in a 2014 statement when the union attempt began. In a separate NCAA news release on Aug. 6 about time demands, the NCAA referred to players as “college athletes.”

For decades, the NCAA has used “student-athlete” as a noble idea for amateur athletics and a legal defense. The NCAA created the term “student-athlete” in the 1950s as a successful legal defense after the widow of college football player Ray Dennison, who died from a head injury while playing football, filed for workers-compensation death benefits. The “student-athlete” defense has worked for the NCAA in other cases. The NCAA, which did not respond to requests for comment, parses words so carefully that chances are this change has some meaning behind it. In recent years, the association has shifted from “amateurism” to “collegiate model.”  [Emphasis added.]

Stacey Osburn, you minx.


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I’ll hang up and listen to your answer.

Because we haven’t had enough to argue about lately…


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To coach or not to coach? That is the question.

Just ask Marshall Morgan about Carter Blount, Georgia’s special teams quality control coordinator.

“He just kind of helps out around the special teams, so to speak,” kicker Marshall Morgan said. “I don’t think he’s allowed to coach us out there. But here’s our, I guess you could say coach. But not hands on.”

Glad we’ve cleared that up.


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Depth is just a word, Booch.

Tennessee loses its second experienced offensive lineman to a season ending injury in two weeks.


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Major transfer news!

Richt says there’s “a decent chance” the quarterback competition will be reduced to a two-horse race after tomorrow’s scrimmage.

I just wanted you to be prepared.

//sarcasm  (In case you turned your detector off.)


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You got to fight for your right to (World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail) Party.

You know, I don’t remember this last time I’ve seen this news (h/t):

Georgia versus Florida

  • Regular: All donors who ordered will receive tickets.

C’mon, people.  Just because they’re shutting down Frat Beach doesn’t mean you have to take it personally.


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A body for the radio

This must have been one helluva show to hear:

“So I’m sitting back there, and so I jump in the pool to kind of cool off, because it was cool to talk on the radio outside. And then I was also getting Fed Ex’s every week, to prep me for the game I was broadcasting. So I get in the pool, and I get out and I’ve got my board shorts on, so then pretty soon every time I get out of the pool I’m sitting on the lawn chair and I got these wet board shorts on so it’s like sitting in a diaper the whole time, you know.So you know nobody is around, fence around, so I think ‘What the heck, I’m taking these things off. And so I don’t have anything on, and I get up and I pace, I’m a pacer, I’m pacing right now. And then talking with my hands on air making just really profound points on radio, and I’m very proud of all the brilliant things I’m saying. And then I don’t have a stitch on, and through the gate here comes the Fed Ex guy, here comes the Fed Ex guy watching me pace around naked, talking on the radio about football and all this, and he’s like ‘What the hell?’ and then he hands me the Fed Ex, and of course I can’t break the conversation I have to keep talking. And the funny thing was, I’ve seen him every week, he never said anything, it was like ‘oh well another day.’ But yep, sure enough.”



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Quick question for the worrywarts

If Richt says the team hasn’t started thinking about its game against Louisiana-Monroe yet, does that mean we have to?


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On a lighter note…

Dave Bartoo has a slew of SEC betting trends for your enjoyment listed here.  The only one about Georgia is “GEO is 7-0 since Oct 09, 2010 after a loss on the road”, which, admittedly, I could do without hearing.


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