A body for the radio

This must have been one helluva show to hear:

“So I’m sitting back there, and so I jump in the pool to kind of cool off, because it was cool to talk on the radio outside. And then I was also getting Fed Ex’s every week, to prep me for the game I was broadcasting. So I get in the pool, and I get out and I’ve got my board shorts on, so then pretty soon every time I get out of the pool I’m sitting on the lawn chair and I got these wet board shorts on so it’s like sitting in a diaper the whole time, you know.So you know nobody is around, fence around, so I think ‘What the heck, I’m taking these things off. And so I don’t have anything on, and I get up and I pace, I’m a pacer, I’m pacing right now. And then talking with my hands on air making just really profound points on radio, and I’m very proud of all the brilliant things I’m saying. And then I don’t have a stitch on, and through the gate here comes the Fed Ex guy, here comes the Fed Ex guy watching me pace around naked, talking on the radio about football and all this, and he’s like ‘What the hell?’ and then he hands me the Fed Ex, and of course I can’t break the conversation I have to keep talking. And the funny thing was, I’ve seen him every week, he never said anything, it was like ‘oh well another day.’ But yep, sure enough.”



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8 responses to “A body for the radio

  1. Nate Dawg

    I’ve got a buddy who delivers for FedEx. Apparently nudity is more a part of the job than you would think, or at least I would think – whether you want it to be or not – you dig?


  2. Gravidy

    It’s hard to click on a link that has “mike-leach-package-nude” in its text.


  3. hassan

    Just another story about Mike Leach flying the Jolly Roger.


  4. Union Jack



  5. Cojones

    You could have gone all-Grizzard with “Leach Accepts Package with Dick Out” for your title.


  6. Cousin Eddie

    somethings you should just keep to yourself.

    Is this why Finebaum was moved inside the ESPN studio, to keep some poor FedEx guy from having to wash his eyes out with bleach?


  7. Macallanlover

    I listened to so many of those shows on Sirius when he was “betweenjobs” and he always talked about being around the swimming pool while Arute was at home, or stuck in some studio. I am thankful he kept that nude visual to himself, would have been too much for me to stay tuned in with that floating around. The Keys are just different, and so is the Pirate.


  8. dawgblog

    And this is the team that leads in arrests? go figure.