Ken Starr is on the mother.

As the horse is already out of the barn, ordinarily I’d say this’ll turn out to be your garden-variety whitewash

Baylor University will conduct an investigation into the school’s handling of sexual assault allegations against a football player who was allowed to transfer into coach Art Briles’ program despite a history of disciplinary problems at Boise State.

Following the conviction of defensive end Sam Ukwuachu on sexual assault charges, Baylor President Ken Starr on Friday called for a “comprehensive internal inquiry into the circumstances associated with the case and the conduct of the offices involved.”

… but given Starr’s track record in other highly publicized settings, who knows where things may lead?


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10 responses to “Ken Starr is on the mother.

  1. Argondawg

    I still can’t believe the guy is convicted of sexual assault (rape) and he gets 180 days in jail. WTH?


  2. PansyTheDawg

    It’s hard not to be skeptical, Senator. The worst thing about this is I had no idea. I had no idea that Baylor, a major Christian university, was acting without integrity on an institutional level. It terrifies me. What other terrible things have other universities done? What has my glorious university done? Is it too late for us to join the Ivy League?


  3. Argondawg

    Also does Baylor have any liability here?


  4. Saxondawg

    A lot of memes, such as “Richt has lost control of . . .,” wear out. But “is on the mother” gets me every time. I have no idea where it came from, but it’s hilarious.


    • Sax, it’s Pulp Fiction for the win.


      • Saxondawg

        I’ve seen the movie enough times I should have recognized it. So many great lines from that one. “That’s a bold statement”–why is that funny? I don’t know, something about the way Travolta delivers it. Almost as many great lines as the great line king, The Big Lebowski.


  5. TMC dawg

    What I can not get over is that me or you get charged and convicted of rape, do you think we are going to get 6 months?? Something smells like shit to me.


  6. South FL Dawg

    If anybody’s interested, the entire trial was live tweeted. I’ll let you reach your own conclusions.