Maybe it’s just that Mark Richt is spoiled.

About his quarterback situation, I mean.

Here’s a guy who hasn’t been forced to make a hard decision at the position in almost a decade, either because there was an obvious candidate to start, or because there was no quality depth at the position.  If you look at his present quandary in that light, this frustrated quote makes some sense:

“I think guys are having their moments and then both ways,” he said of the quarterbacks. “I wouldn’t say any of them have been horrible by any means but we want consistent decision-making, wise decisions, accurate passing and reacting to adversity in a positive way. There’s been a lot of really great things that have happened for all of them. There’s been some things that we were like, `That will get us beat son.’ It’s just been enough of both that I haven’t seen a clear frontrunner yet.”

Over the past four seasons, Murray and Mason may not have been without their flaws, but at least they knew what was expected from them and they knew how to respond.  As to that, this current bunch is in uncharted territory – all of ’em.  And that makes it not so familiar territory for their head coach to traverse with them.


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  1. Get it down to two after Thursday’s game run through and play both until one does it when it counts. If they both play great, wonderful. If one folds we have a no. 1. I’m not worried as much about “who” I’m worried about production from the position. If we have two guys who are even but totally different sorts of threats at the position, we could have worse problems right?


    • Dolly Llama

      Derek, I sure do hate it that you ended up getting the JSW prediction wrong. I was so hoping you were right on that one.


      • Macallanlover

        Perhaps, but I think Derek nails this one. We don’t have three tied for last place, we still have three vying for 1st team. While they may not be “Murray quality”, it is better than Bama, FU, and LSU’s situation. I agree with Derek, we only have to get this down to two candidates this week and then let them sort it out before SC week. We are fortunate that QB, while a critical position, doesn’t carry the weight in this offense that it does with other teams. It is, and isn’t, game management but we need consistency and ball security more than we need flash. Think about McElroy and McCarran’s role on those championship teams at Bama, they didn’t have the “wow” factor either but their contributions added enough to the strong cast around them.


      • Well it is still a “sprain.” Never said he’d be back immediately. I just said “sprain.” Any implications derived threrefrom are your own.

        My guess now is that it just hurts like hell and he may have damage to the point where they’re wondering whether he should keep playing. It’s better to be able to walk at 50 then play ball at 23. Sucks for him, but he needs to think about his long term interests. Your knee giving out during a simple drill ain’t a good sign no matter what it’s called.


  2. Cojones

    Richt said yesterday that he may decide after watching more play in game situations and that’s the way we go into the ULM game.

    Sounds to me as if he is going to play more than one in the first two games. He has made a point that he doesn’t want to pull a QB for bad play (not a confidence builder) and will give the QB time to work out of it in a game.

    Hold onto your hats because this is going to go down sideways with many fans.


    • Fuck the fans. You listen to them and pretty soon you are sitting with them. Fans by and large know zip about football. Let’s let CMR make the football decisions.


    • Just run the daum baw, Richt! Gawd! My 10 year old can throw bettah than that! Stoopit! Gawd!


      • Two things in life that’s just easy: coaching ball and racing. In coaching you just call the right play, blitz, play man and adjust. In racing well hell if you ain’t winning, go faster! Why is this so hard? Any idiot in the stands can do it.


  3. AusDawg85

    I think some are going to read this as “Richt does nothing to develop QB talent and just inherits his starting QB through the recruiting cycle”. Surely you don’t mean that.


  4. I wonder if he had a preseason pick that’s not running away with the crown which is causing him to rethink his preconceived pick or just giving the latter more chances to prove himself.
    Or could it be that Schotty and Richt does not have the same conclusion after reviewing films?


  5. Red Cup

    Shouldn’t he just pick the one who won G day?


  6. Mike Cooley

    I was one of the people who thought this was Ramsey’s job and Richt was just trying to keep his edge and wanting competition. But the past week or so has convinced me this truly is a muddled situation. i hate for it to continue into the season but it looks like we might really be headed for that.


    • Jack Klompus

      I thought this too, Cooley and the Gang. But, I think he would have named Ramsey the starter by now in order to build his confidence and get him focused on taking first-team reps.
      I agree, as someone stated, that they are battling for first string, but it would be a lot more encouraging if Richt was talking about the decision being difficult because they were so good, not walking away baffled.


  7. DCBasham

    Thankfully, we have Vanderbit up as our first SEC foe. I’d be more concerned if we had South Carolina or Missouri in that spot. Waffling between David Greene and Cory Phillips hurt us gravely against the Gamecocks in Richt’s first season.


    • Cory was a DGD. One of my favorites and a very gutsy player. And Yes Greenie was the better qb.


      • DCBasham

        I appreciate what both did for the Dawgs, absolutely. I just recall losing a lot of momentum, including killing a crucial red zone drive, by constantly rotating between the two throughout that game.


  8. Cosmic Dawg

    My feeling based on the tone of CMR’s frustration with the decision is this is far from a Murray-Mett scenario. I am rooting for all three and I am sure they’re trying hard but it does not appear this position is going to be a strength for a couple years.


  9. Bulldog Joe

    He’s not satisfied with any of the three right now.

    Here’s my take:

    With a full roster, they are facing less 2’s, 3’s and walk-ons in the scrimmages and are paying more for their mistakes than in past years.

    Since next week is game plan installation week, this is the week they choose who to invest their time in. It may or may not be announced, but there is a lot of ground to make up and getting three guys “almost there” isn’t going to get the team to a championship.


  10. Just waiting for Eason???? That would be a very long wait indeed…..for the fans.


  11. W Cobb Dawg

    I guess what concerns me is the 3 man race. I thought we were actually in better shape with a 2 man race before Lambert joined the competition. So we spent time & effort bringing Lambert up to speed, and it appears he has neither risen above the 2 others, nor fallen behind. All Lambert’s arrival accomplished was splitting up practice time – an issue we’d already fixed by moving Parks to the 3rd spot. I can’t help but think the coaches complaint about nobody making the step up is somewhat self-inflicted.

    And to make matters potentially worse, are we going to repeat this scenario when Eason hits campus in January?

    I know people are gonna say stuff like ‘you’ve never been in the arena’ or ‘CMR knows what he’s doing’, but I say pick your frickin top 2 by the end of the week, and get to work on game plans. Let the QB games end and the football games begin.


  12. JCDAWG83

    Richt needs to make a decision, even if it turns out to be wrong eventually. The statements are starting to sound like they are letting perfect become the enemy of good. At least name the two who are going to be the ones who will play in the opener.


  13. Scorpio Jones, III

    Jess Neeley….ever heard of him? Longtime football coach at football powerhouse Rice University.

    That’s where the two quarterbacks equals none quote comes from.

    Neeley’s best season at Rice was 1949…10-1. 1949.

    Yet his influence lingers because he made a statement that would seem to indict any coach who plays more than one quarterback and is easy for dumbass football announcers to remember.

    How many times have you heard Brent fucking Musberger use that line?

    A hundred? a thousand?

    Here’s a little something to think about, if the enemy has two prepare for two quarterbacks, each with slightly different skill sets, does that not require twice as much prep time for the defense? Make the defense’s job twice as complicated?

    I have no idea what is actually going on in the head coach or offensive coordinator’s collective head about this situation, nor does anyone else other than maybe the water girl.

    But one thing I do know…I am not going give much relevance to the blabberings of a football coach with a 144-124 record at a marginal Southwest Conference school.

    Jest sayin…heh, heh, heh 🙂


    • merk

      It’s not about how it effects the other team’s D, it is about how it effects your O. Each QB is going to have slightly different timing rhythms and ball speed, which means that the WR will be less in tune with either guy, than if there was just one guy.

      See LSU as a prime example of how fumbling around with the QB position can kill a team. I mean hell LSU has had one of the best Defenses out for years, but never has a real QB and that has killed them numerous times trying to get through the West.


      • Scorpio Jones, III

        “It’s not about how it effects the other team’s D, it is about how it effects your O.”

        Thanks for clearing that up.


  14. Chuck

    I guess I am a geezer, but doesn’t anyone else see a Matt Robinson-Ray Goff analogy? We played 3 seasons with a 2-headed QB, and by season 3 (1976) it mostly worked. The real problem is that CMR has to figure it out sooner than Dooley did. We just have too many other pieces in place not to get this right this year.


  15. frowertr

    It has to be Lambert, correct? He is the only one of the three QBs with meaningful game time experience. Also he seems to be the biggest body out of all three.

    Lambert has graduated, right? So does that mean he just takes electives in order to maintain his “eligibility” or does he have class at all? With no class or even “fluff electives” he would have more time on his hands to really learn the ins and outs of the new playbook.

    There must be a reason he chose to burn his last year of eligibility with UGA. If he wasn’t lead to believe he would have CONSIDERABLE playing time why make the move in the first place?


    • He’s in a grad program in order to be eligible.


    • Mayor

      (1) Grad school. (2) Doesn’t Lambert have 2 seasons of eligibility remaining?


    • Cosmic Dawg

      The longer it goes on, the longer you have to figure this is a real possibility. CMR owes Lambert very little in terms of him waiting his turn. If it’s still a three man race you have to figure Lambert is not just competitive but a real shot to win the spot, and CMR is reluctant to tell one of these other guys they’ve put in a lot of work to potentially lose out to a guy who wasn’t a factor two months ago.

      Or, it could be none of that.


  16. Bright Idea

    Would it be ridiculous to suggest that Richt already knows and is having a good time pulling our leg? I guess it would have leaked by now. The scoop, not our legs.