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Mark Richt, you’re such a tease.

This is starting to border on the comical.

It’s Louisiana-Monroe we’re talking about, right?

Maybe he’s got Schottenheimer working up a game plan with all three of the QBs on the field together.  Or we could just be getting trolled.



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Old amateurism in new bottles

Yeah, this ought to go over well.

That sound you hear is recruiters clearing their throats.  (Jeffrey Kessler doesn’t make noise when he grins wolfishly.)


UPDATE:  Last word goes to Stewart Mandel.


UPDATE #2:  Good grief, they’ve got a track record fining kids at VaTech.

If Virginia Tech winds up in a bowl game this season, strong safety Aaron Rouse might need to ask some teammates for a loan.

Rouse was penalized 15 yards for a personal foul — his third of the season — near the end of the first quarter in Saturday’s game. Under the discipline system coach Frank Beamer instituted at the start of the season, Rouse will have to pay for his penalties. Players who commit personal fouls or unsportsmanlike conduct penalties will be fined $100 from their bowl stipend and will have to run 1,500 yards at 6 a.m. on the Wednesday after the game.

“You just can’t retaliate,” Beamer said. “You go back in the huddle and let’s play football. We know better and (personal fouls) aren’t going to happen. I think that’s another $100 and another Wednesday morning (for Rouse).”

What would have happened if the Hokies hadn’t gone bowling?

You can’t get cynical enough about college football these days.


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Coming to a bookstore near you

Malcolm Mitchell, you may have heard, has written a children’s book, entitled “The Magician’s Hat”.  You know what was harder than writing the book?

C’mon, you know.

… In particular, the children’s book he authored finally gets released for sale on Saturday. “The Magician’s Hat” will be available at the UGA Bookstore and on Mitchell’s website, readwithmalcolm.com, as well as other places.

It will retail for just under $16, and Mitchell has gone through an exhausting clearinghouse process with UGA and the NCAA to ensure that everything has been done in compliance with NCAA rules.

“That’s been the longest process,” Mitchell said. “I was actually just talking to somebody from the NCAA in the building today. I just told her thank you and I really appreciated the timely response that they’ve given me. There’s been a lot of back-and-forth. There’s a lot of things I can do and I can’t do and a lot of other things that other people can’t do that I can’t control.

“So there are some restrictions. But overall the book will be released, weill be sold, and I think it’s the first time the NCAA has waivered such things that will generate revenue and allow you to promote your own product. I appreciate everything they’ve done and for UGA allowing me to do it.”

Honestly, there’s a part of me that’s surprised it’s seeing the light of day.  But good on ‘ya for something, NCAA.

And between Chris Conley and Mitchell, maybe Georgia needs to start referring to itself as “Media Production U”.


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Do as he says, Nick, not as he did.

Todd Gurley’s got a suggestion for his successor.

The extra motivation for Georgia’s Nick Chubb arrived via text messages from Todd Gurley last season. When Gurley began a four-game suspension in October for accepting money in exchange for autographs, he peppered Chubb with messages of support. Those continued after Gurley suffered a season-ending knee injury in mid-November against Auburn, in his first game back.

By then, Chubb had emerged as one of the nation’s most dynamic backs, and eventually he was named SEC Freshman of the Year. He rushed for 1,547 yards with 14 touchdowns. Even with Gurley gone to the NFL—the St. Louis Rams drafted him with the 10th overall pick in the 2015 draft—he is still motivating Chubb. These days, Gurley is challenging Chubb to win the Heisman Trophy, an award Gurley was the frontrunner for last season before his suspension and injury. “It meant a lot,” Chubb told The Inside Read.

Which is not to say Chubb hasn’t picked up a few ideas of his own, based on last season’s experience.

Chubb has made it a point to learn from the off-the-field woes of Gurley and other former Bulldogs tailbacks in recent years. He refuses to answer his phone when he doesn’t recognize the number. In fact, Chubb spends most of his time with his girlfriend, Lacey, whom he admits keeps him in line. The couple’s idea of a big night is dinner and a movie.

And no Sharpies.


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It’s almost like they want us to stay home and watch it on the tube.

Groo notes the rising cost of attendance.

Are fans showing some sensitivity to price? While Georgia fans can buy a 7-game season slate of home tickets for $315, it’ll cost nearly that much just to attend the three games mentioned above. Auburn raised their single-game ticket price to $115 for Georgia and Alabama, up from $95 two years ago. Tennessee wants $95 for a Georgia ticket. The Florida game has seen a steady increase from $40 just over five years ago to $70 now. That’s $280 just for those three games.

Apparently, it’s not just our fans who are being asked to give more.

Georgia fans aren’t the only ones weighing the decision to purchase expensive tickets. Hartman Fund donors received an e-mail on Tuesday with the news that South Carolina had returned a limited number of $80 tickets.

At some point, there ain’t enough WiFi in the world to give us sufficient bang for the buck.  I guess they’ll worry about that day when it comes.


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Nobody ever went broke underestimating the craziness of the SEC football fan.

And how crazy is that?  Well, put it this way

The majority of the SEC Network’s carriage deals aren’t expected to come up for renewal soon, but ESPN declined to provide terms of the contract except to say they were long-term. If the network can continue to prove its worth, Nelson doesn’t think it’s outlandish for the SEC’s in-market subscriber fee to jump from $1.30/$1.40 to $2.00 or $3.00. A jump of that magnitude could give the network more than a billion dollars annually on simply subscriber fees.

“I would have said it was crazy two years ago,” Nelson said. “But when they were so successful at $1.30, I’m sure they are thinking big.”

If 30 some-odd million subscribers are willing to pony up three bucks a month for the privilege of having Finebaum and Phyllis from Mulga drop into their dens five days a week, that’s crazy enough for me.


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The new, improved Nick Saban

A couple of good pieces on how Saban appears to be remaking the Alabama team – one from Ian Boyd, the other from Michael Casagrande at al.com.  And three observations from me…

  • One, I think Boyd is spot on with this:  “For years, all of this versatility and talent choked out SEC offenses with individually crafted game plans. But then Auburn’s Gus Malzahn and his up-tempo company came around. One Alabama source says Malzahn, the author of The Hurry-Up, No-Huddle, is inside Saban’s head.”  Did you ever think it was possible for another coach to pull that off?  I didn’t.
  • Two, for all the “Kiffin did this and Kiffin did that” stuff, let’s not forget which team led the SEC last season in yards per offensive play and scoring.  And with a lot less soul searching, it seems.
  • Three, if Nick Saban is going all in with shedding weight in the secondary – as Boyd notes, “Barring some big summer weight gains, this will be Saban’s first Alabama secondary to not feature a DB over 200 pounds.” – Brian Schottenheimer sure as hell better have a game plan prepared to take advantage of that by pounding the snot out of them.  Because it seems like he’s got the players with which to do so.


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Gentlemen, hit the head.

Rich Rodriguez spills the beans about halftime adjustments.

And what about halftime adju-

“The halftime talk is way overrated! First of all, the first five minutes and last five minutes are probably to use the restroom. We’re old! We’re not passing up on a chance to go to the bathroom! But then our coaches are talking to each other for five minutes, too. You’re not going to invent a whole lot of things. You have to keep things simple enough that if you make adjustments, everybody already kind of knows why.”

So much for the Knute Rockne halftime motivational speech.

Although I have to admit I think more clearly with an empty bladder, too.


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Centered at center

If you’ve been concerned about the change at the center position, maybe this observation will help settle you down:

OL Brandon Kublanow

The 6-foot-2, 298-pound junior started preseason camp as the number one center and he has only tightened his grip since. According to fellow offensive linemen and coaches, Kublanow has picked up the system quickly and has earned the trust of those playing next to him. He also appears to have conquered the shotgun snapping issues that plagued him early in camp. Oh, and we’ve been hearing that he’s pretty physical and nasty in the trenches, too.

Eh, it couldn’t hurt.


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Preseason Coaches All-SEC teams announced

Georgia’s got nine representatives, the third-best showing in the conference, behind Alabama (natch) and LSU… which serves to remind me again why it’s so hard to get a handle on LSU’s prospects this season.  Normally a team that loaded would be a cinch to be counted on as having a legitimate shot to get to Atlanta, but with the shaky quarterback situation and the change at defensive coordinator, it seems worthwhile to hedge that bet.

By the way, if he stays healthy, does Leonard Floyd finish the season as a third teamer?


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