Gentlemen, hit the head.

Rich Rodriguez spills the beans about halftime adjustments.

And what about halftime adju-

“The halftime talk is way overrated! First of all, the first five minutes and last five minutes are probably to use the restroom. We’re old! We’re not passing up on a chance to go to the bathroom! But then our coaches are talking to each other for five minutes, too. You’re not going to invent a whole lot of things. You have to keep things simple enough that if you make adjustments, everybody already kind of knows why.”

So much for the Knute Rockne halftime motivational speech.

Although I have to admit I think more clearly with an empty bladder, too.


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9 responses to “Gentlemen, hit the head.

  1. Dolly Llama

    I knew a fellow who played center for the Dawgs back in the day, and he said the same thing about halftime. He said most of it was for guys to nurse minor injuries and that the Knute Rockne speeches were quite rare. Every once in a while, he said, the coaches would give a pep talk, but it was usually mundane, nuts-and-bolts stuff.


  2. David Cutcliffe being the exception.

    That sucker can make half time adjustments.


    • W Cobb Dawg

      Although some fellow Dawg fans seem to hate him, I always thought BVG did a heckofa job making D adjustments at the half.


  3. TnDawg

    Porta Potties on the sidelines. Love Knute speeches!


  4. Ubiquiotus GA Alum

    5 minutes to take a whiz? They have meds for that you know … Maybe Coach Sark has more info on that topic


  5. IndyDawg

    Better option than the hedges during a game. It’s happened. When ya gotta go….


  6. waterloodawg

    I’ll bet Saban doesn’t have time for this.